These New Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops Will Make For A Sweet & Sour Summer

It's almost summer, folks, and you know what that means: It's time to stock up on your favorite cold treats. Summer is a time to bask in sunshine, spend every second of the day outdoors, and enjoy the heat you were deprived of for all those winter months. But, hot summer days also call for long cool-down sessions filled with icy treats. You likely already have a go-to iced coffee order or a favorite ice cream shop, but what about an icy snack for the summer? Well, here's where to get Sour Patch Kids Fla-Vor-Ice Freezer Bars for a sweet and sour treat to cool yourself down during those long summer days.

Do you remember how practically every summer of your childhood was made better by those colorful ice pops that came in long plastic packaging? Now, you can enjoy your favorite throwback treat with the addition of your fave candy flavor thanks to these new Fla-Vor-Ice Sour Patch Kids Freezer Bars. Per Delish, they are a new treat that came out of the 2019 Sweets & Snacks Expo, which took place at the end of May.

Each box comes with 12 2-ounce bars of two sweet and sour flavors — Redberry and Blue Raspberry. According to the directions for consuming on the Instacart product page, the best way to enjoy Fla-Vor-Ice Sour Patch Kids Freezer Bars is to, well, freeze them. It's recommended that fans first remove the pops from the carton; then, place the bars into a freezer to turn the sugary liquid into a delicious, frozen pop; finally, separate the bars after they're frozen, and cut off the top to enjoy. In case you've never had frozen pops before, half the fun is sliding them up out of their casing and nibbling away. If these don't take you back to your childhood, I honestly don't know what will.

So, where can you find these delicious treats? You can scoop them up on Amazon for $9.99 per 12-pack. According to Delish, you might also be able to find Fla-Vor-Ice Sour Patch Kids Freezer Bars at Walmart, ShopRite, CVS, and Wegmans. If you can't find them near you, you can always search them on Instacart, where they are selling for $3.50 a pack.

If the nostalgia and fun flavors just aren't cutting it for you, maybe the fact that Fla-Vor-Ice Sour Patch Kids Freezer Bars is an award-winning treat might. According to an Instagram post from Instagram account @flavorice, the pops were awarded the "Most Innovative New Product" in the "Novelty" category at the 2019 Sweets & Snacks Expo. Who doesn't want an award-winning snack at their pool party or BBQ this summer?

If you're a big Sour Patch Kids fan in general, you'll be pleased to hear that the candy has been adapted to a variety of different kinds of treats over the last few months. Back in December 2018, Sour Patch Kids was released in a colorful cereal form with a sour coating and sweet finish. At the time, fans could only purchase the cereal at Walmart stores but as of June 2019, the cereal is available at more retailers nationwide.

You can also check out another frozen treat with the sweet and sour candy, Sour Patch Kids Tropical Swirl Ice Pops, which were spotted in May 2019 at Walmart stores. IDK about you, but with all of these new goodies popping up, I'm getting pretty hungry — specifically for some sweet and sour treats. Happy snacking!