These New Sour Patch Kids Tropical Swirl Ice Pops Will Give Your Beach Days Some Tang

If you ask me, there's nothing like sitting on the beach with a frozen popsicle at hand. I usually opt for something sweet, but it looks like I'm going to be snacking on some tangy desserts in the sand this year. That's because new Sour Patch Kids Tropical Swirl ice pops are here, and they sound like the perfect tropical treats for those steamy beach days. Once you find out more information about the pops (more specifically, the new sour-then-sweet flavors), you'll be craving a box of your own.

If you're already a fan of Sour Patch Kids, then you probably know about Tropical Sour Patch Kids (aka tropical-flavored gummy candies). According to Best Products, the summery gummy flavor came out in 2017 — and now, you can enjoy it in frozen form. However, the new Sour Patch Kids Tropical ice pop box includes flavors that aren't listed on the OG Tropical Sour Patch Kids candy bag. According to Walmart's product page, the new ice pop selections in the box include Tropical Twist, Paradise Punch, Pineapple, and Passion Fruit, while the gummy bag doesn't list exact flavors.

Still, something tells me that the ice pops will be just as good as the Tropical Sour Patch Kids gummy candies (if not, better). I mean, could you imagine how delicious a Paradise Punch popsicle would taste on the beach? Talk about refreshing.


If you're hoping to bring Sour Patch Kids Tropical Swirl ice pops to the beach this summer (in a cooler, of course), you might be wondering where you can buy a box. According to Best Products, they're currently for sale in Walmart's frozen aisle for $3.88. However, if you search for the pops online, you'll notice that they aren't available for delivery. With that being said, check if your local Walmart is carrying the flavor before stopping by on your way to the beach.

Believe it or not, these aren't the only Sour Patch Kids-flavored desserts in the frozen aisle at Walmart. In April 2018, Sour Patch Kids ice cream became available — and by the looks of it, the product is still on the shelves. According to the product's packaging, the Dreyers ice cream is made with light vanilla ice cream, lemon sorbet, blue Sour Patch Kid "bitz," and "redberry swirl." It's currently available at Walmart for $3.48, but I'd double check with your local Walmart store to see if it's in stock near you.

If it is, fill your cooler with both Sour Patch Kids desserts and head to the beach.

Those of you who are craving even more Sour Patch Kids-flavored goodies can start your morning with Sour Patch Kids cereal, because that also exists. Like many other Sour Patch Kids treats, you can buy a box on Walmart's website, and it'll cost you $3.98. If you order a box, you'll be able to start your mornings on a sour (and sweet) note. Then, if you buy Sour Patch Kids Tropical Swirl ice pops or Sour Patch Kids ice cream, you'll be able to end your nights on a note that's just as delicious.