Here's where to find Instagram's "Stay At Home" filters to get in on the action.

Instagram Launched A "Stay At Home" Effects Gallery Filled With So Many AR Filters

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Instagram is offering up a collection of filters to use while you're staying home to practicing social distancing. The new collection of "Stay At Home" effects includes up-and-coming augmented reality (AR) filters that can help you connect with your friends and keep your boredom in check. Here's where to find Instagram's "Stay At Home" filters for all the AR fun.

With many states still operating under shelter-in-place orders as of April 23, to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, you may be looking for more ways to connect with your friends from afar. Messing around with Instagram AR filters is an easy way to pass the time, but if you find yourself using the same ones over and over again, it can get a little tired. Thankfully, IG has rounded up some interactive AR filters from various creators, and they're all housed in a special "Stay At Home" collection.

The "Stay At Home" collection launched on Wednesday, April 22, and it'll bring all the best AR filters right to you. To find the collection, open your Instagram camera. From there, you'll scroll through the options underneath your capture button, swiping from right to left, until you lan on the "Browse Effects" button. Once you tap it, you'll land on the homepage of the Effect Gallery, you should see the "Stay At Home" collection right at the top of your screen. To see all of the filters, choose "View Effects."

Once you see the list of filters is when the fun really starts. Tap on a filter and select "Try It," or you can opt to save it directly to your Instagram Stories camera by tapping on the down arrow. If you find an effect you like, you can also share it with your friends in a DM by clicking the message icon.

Some of the "Stay At Home" filters include the viral "Guess The Gibberish" filter which you may have seen flooding your IG Stories. Created by @gu_christopher, "Guess The Gibberish" has been taking over a ton of Instagram Stories because it offers a fun challenge by displaying a phrase in gibberish, aka a grouping nonsensical words. The goal is to decode the phrase in 10 seconds or less. After those 10 seconds are up, the filter will give you the correct answer.

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Other filters in the collection include a few fun predictor filters, such as the "Random Questions" filter by @maryorton, which asks you to tap the screen and spins cards above your head, asking you a random question, like which guilty pleasure TV show you're into. Another AR predictor filter is the "Never have I ever..." filter by @hughesp1, which is like the classic game, but the spinner generates the topics.

There are some great AR game filters in the collection, too, like the "Drawin5seconds" filter created by @Chmnda. This filter gives you a random item, such as an apple or a candle, and then asks you to draw it in five seconds using your nose and a virtual sheet of paper. The "Name by letter..." filter from @jull.ova asks you to name three different nouns that start with the first letter it gives you. For instance, I got a "T" and had to name a fruit, a brand, and a city that start with that letter.

With plenty of AR filters to keep you busy for days, Instagram is coming in clutch. The company will regularly add more filters to its "Stay At Home” collection, so you can check it often for updates.

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