Here's What Your Favorite Yoga Pose Reveals About Your Personality

by Georgina Berbari

Every yogi has a favorite pose that they're literally itching to do all class long, no matter what the flow is. You know the one: It's that one pose you feel most comfortable in, are really freaking good at, and that makes you feel like an absolute goddess. Maybe I sound a little extra right now, but your favorite yoga reveals a lot about your personality, so embracing your go-to asana is nothing to be ashamed of.

As a yoga teacher myself, I notice that my practice evolves depending on where I am in life, so you would think my favorite pose would shift every now and then. Some seasons, I'll be really into intense, sweaty, and core-centered flows, and other times, restorative yin classes are all my body wants.

No matter what a given yoga class is like, though, I can pretty much always say with confidence that backbends are my sh*t — through and through. King pigeon is my preferred posture, and though the dynamics of the pose are always changing, my love for it always stays constant.

While I know it's equally important to practice both the poses that I dislike and the poses that I love, witnessing my strengths, weaknesses, and personal growth through my dearest pigeon pose has been truly humbling, empowering, and fascinating the whole way through.

So, what's your favorite pose? You might just learn a bit more about yourself embracing your most-loved asana.

If Downward Facing Dog Is Your Jam

Downward dog is one of the most revisited asanas throughout a typical yoga class, and while some people would rather skip right over their down dog, others cherish the deep breaths that take place in this foundational asana.

Down dog is a posture of accessibility, strength, stability, and flexibility. This asana truly has it all. Much like the pose itself, you're probably super friendly and accessible, with additional powerful and deep layers to your personality that many may not see at first glance.

If Tree Pose Is Your Happy Place

It's all about balance and focus when you're in tree pose, and if this asana is your go-to, then you probably really enjoy finding that sweet equilibrium in all areas of your life.

Yogis who love tree pose are very grounded and down to earth, but also enjoy testing their limits and challenging themselves in brand new ways every now and then. Ever tried closing your eyes in this pose? Yeah, now you know what I mean.

If Pigeon Pose Is Your Favorite Asana

Ah, pigeon pose lovers. You're not afraid to let the tears flow, girl, and you crave the emotional release that comes along with hip-opening poses.

It's easy to shy away from this pose because it might feel uncomfortable both physically and mentally (sifting through those stored and unprocessed emotions can be rough), but you're strong AF because of it, and it's honestly so admirable that you can tolerate the discomfort of digging deep into your own psyche.

If Headstands Are Your Go-To Pose

If you absolutely adore being upside down and flipping your perspective, you're full of vibrant creativity, and you love thinking outside the box and seeing things from a brand new angle.

You have an amazingly strong core, which means you're very self-assured and rooted in your values and morals. Plus, you're not afraid to channel your inner playful child, especially when you fall. Getting back up and trying again is your jam, little yogi.

If Camel Pose Is Your Favorite Way To Bend

It takes courage to fall in love with camel pose, and that's what you're made of, my backbend-loving friend. This particular, deep backbend opens the chest and heart, and leaves you vulnerable and softened to the world around you.

If your go-to asana is the trusty camel, you have a beautifully open heart, and all of your friends and loved ones adore you for that.

If Warrior II Is Your Power Pose

Babes who love striking a warrior II pose are strong, fierce, powerful, and full of self-confidence. You're not afraid to speak your mind, even if it's not the most popular opinion in the room. People always come to you for advice because they know you'll be the first one to provide a heaping dose of truth.

You're concentrated, determined, and work hard for what you want, no matter the turbulence that comes your way.

If Forward Folds Are The Way To Your Heart

If you're really into forward folds, you're probably pretty introverted, but in the best way possible. You really enjoy your alone time, and you love getting to know yourself on every level. You're a shining example that being your own best friend is what matters the most.

Constantly turning inward makes you quite calm and level-headed, which is contagious to all those around you when you do decide to venture to a party or gathering.

If Savasana Is Your Favorite Pose

If you love the challenge of savasana, it's because you have immense trust in the universe and know that, no matter what happens, you're exactly where you need to be in life.

Savasana lovers enjoy the difficulty of letting go and bringing all of the benefits of yoga together through the art of, well, not doing anything. Living in the present moment intrigues you, and you're not one to get overly caught up on past moments or future worries.