Here's What Your Favorite Crystal Reveals About Your Personality

by Georgina Berbari

If crystal healing is your go-to method for grounding yourself, maintaining clarity, and cultivating harmony within your soul, then you know the sheer power that these gorgeous stones contain. Maybe you're beginning to gather quite a collection of radiant and shimmering healing crystals, and perhaps you even have a favorite of the bunch. Well, my friend, I'm here to tell you that your favorite crystal reveals a lot about your personality, and may even unveil the most magical and glistening traits about yourself that you've never even thought about.

Crystals can help you with everything from manifesting, to meditation, or simply getting more in touch with yourself. They can assist you in attracting exactly what you want in life thanks to the unique energy each stone holds.

Each gemstone contains its own set of special characteristics and "chi" (or life energy). So, depending on which crystal you gravitate toward and resonate the most with, this can reveal significant details about who you are at your core: your innermost morals, what you value most in your relationships, and how you view the world.

If any of these five healing crystals happen to be your favorite, you might just get a glance into a remarkable side of yourself that is yearning to be uncovered.

If You Love Clear Quartz
Alessio Bogani/Stocksy

If clear quartz is your go-to crystal, you are very powerful in your beliefs, and you give off a strong aura of confidence to all those around you.

Much like the clear quartz crystal, which amplifies and charges all the stones it comes in contact with, your empowering energy enhances the mood of everyone around you, and your friends and loved ones can't get enough of your radiant presence.

You bring light into every room you walk into, and you're known to take a balanced approach to all situations. When you do find yourself being drawn into drama, you know just how to shield yourself from negativity and stay true to who you are.

If Amethyst Is Your Go-To Stone
Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

If your favorite crystal is amethyst, then you're someone who attracts positive people and energy while repelling the negative. You realize that life is often stressful and overwhelming, but you don't let anxiety get the best of you. You know how to use the tools that you inherently have within you (such as your breath and intuition) to get through the hard sh*t and create inner spiritual harmony that is long-lasting.

Your mind is admirably sharp, clear, and precise, and you're very in-tune with your feelings. That being said, you're never afraid to tap into your emotional side, even if it means having a good, therapeutic cry from time to time.

If You Surround Yourself With Citrine

You are warm, comforting, and an incredible listener. You're an amazing friend, and everyone knows you'll always provide a shoulder to lean on if they need it.

As a citrine lover, you literally have the light of the sun and the stars bottled up within you, and because of this, your soul's purpose and passion glows so abundantly throughout your life. You are beautifully creative and imaginative, and are always itching to express yourself in some way, whether you're creating a new piece of art or journaling about your feelings.

Your dreams will never just be dreams; you know exactly how to bring magic to life.

If Rose Quartz Makes You Feel Grounded
sally anscombe/Stocksy

You exude a lovely, soft feminine energy, and your intuition is always on-point because of how in-tune you are with your body's wisdom. You're similar to the pale-pink, rose quartz crystal, in that your soul is brimming with tenderness, compassion, and an unmatched sense of peace.

When it comes to romantic relationships, you shower your partner with cascades of unconditional love, awakening both of your hearts to their fullest potential, and making your significant other feel heard, understood, and full of contentment. No one loves like you do, and this is what makes your vulnerability so unbelievably beautiful.

If Moonstones Speak To You
Ani Dimi/Stocksy

You are very mysterious, shy, and introverted, and because of that, some people might not take the initiative to get to know you. You have a few very close friends, though, and they know that you hold the immense magic of the moon, and the most passionate, fiercest loyalty within you.

You exemplify the true meaning of the idea that what matters most often lies beneath the surface. You always think before you speak, but this doesn't mean you let logic completely weigh down your words. Rather, what you say is often laced with the inspiring certainty and vast knowledge that lies within the chambers of your heart.