This Is What Drinking Tea In The Morning Could Reveal About Your Personality

A hot morning beverage is simply one of the best reasons to get up in the morning — and I know I'm not alone in this. I mean, really, name a better reason to roll out from under your covers than the promise of a cozy beverage. I'm a coffee drinker myself, but I've long considered switching to tea, since it seems like it might help me feel a little less anxious, and perhaps a smidge more zen. But what does having tea in the morning say about your personality, anyway? Does it actually have anything to do with how calm and centered you are, as I imagine it does?

Now, it probably won't shock you that there isn't a whole lot of scientific research on this, but don't worry — I asked a few experts if they had any insight into the matter, and they did not disappoint. Jill Nussinow, for instance, a registered dietitian and culinary educator, says that, if she had to guess about personality types, she'd say Type A people — or those who like to “go hard and fast" once they're awake, she explains — would probably be more likely to want to drink coffee in the morning. After all, coffee packs quite a punch when it comes to energizing your brain and body.

"I think that the more mellow you become, the less you want to drink coffee," Nussinow tells Elite Daily over email. "You can more clearly recognize its stimulating effects."

For a different, but equally valid perspective, Sarah Scarborough, founder of Firepot Nomadic Teas, says that, in her experience, people who are focused on mindfulness and presence tend to be more drawn to drinking tea in the morning. "Coffee tends to appeal to those who are in a rush, and are constantly on the move to get as much done as quickly as possible," she tells Elite Daily in an email. "I think tea is more go-with-the-flow and accepting. In our culture, we drink so much coffee that people are starting to get burnt out and are turning toward tea."

I can definitely relate. Coffee is delicious, but it can leave you feeling so jittery, and then there's always the inevitable caffeine crash, you know?

Another take on what drinking tea in the morning says about you comes from Mona Dan, who's an herbalist, acupuncturist, and founder of the clinic Vie Healing. She tells Elite Daily that, from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, tea inspires a calmer flow in the morning, which can ultimately influence your mood and behavior for the rest of the day. In other words, drinking tea in the morning might just set you up for a relaxing day overall.

Beginning your day with tea instead of coffee, Dan explains, is healing and nourishing, and "gives our adrenals the chance to wake up in the morning," without the stimulation of too much caffeine, which could explain why the beverage is so calming for so many people.

So, if all of this sounds pretty good to you (it certainly does to me), Nussinow says that the best thing to do is choose morning teas with herbs that boast a lot of feel-good health benefits. She recommends ginger, tulsi, dandelion, and turmeric, to name a few.

"My favorite morning drink is called Teeccino," she tells Elite Daily, "which has no caffeine, but tastes rich and delicious."

BRB, y'all — I have to go turn my kettle on ASAP.