The Best Movie To Watch This Summer, Based On Your Relationship Status

by Ginny Hogan
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Summer is an incredible time for movies. I almost prefer it to the holiday season, because sitting in an air-conditioned theater in the sweltering heat is an unparalleled experience. There are so many good movies out right now, and you might not have time to see them all. However, not all great movies are good for all moods (and I say that as a woman who has watched Titanic immediately after a funeral). Take these suggestions for what's the best movie to watch this summer, and maybe factor in your relationship status when making your pick.

When I'm single, I love seeing strong heroines who don't need a man to be happy. When I'm in a relationship, I love seeing strong heroines who don't need a man to be happy. Unfortunately, these characters don't exist in all that many movies, so I have to be a bit more selective. Love stories are great for when you're in love, a sad or scary flick can be great for when you're going through a breakup and perhaps feeling nostalgic, and Wes Anderson movies are perfect for when you don't really know what's going on with you or any of the seven people you're seeing.

Read on to find out which movies of the summer are best-suited to your current relationship status.

Single: 'Late Night'
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Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson's inspiring feminist movie about a late night writers room is getting rave reviews, and it's exactly the type of film you'd like to see if you're single and loving it. After its Sundance premiere, it's made its way to the big screen, and you should grab your closest single friends (or any friends) and go!

Hooking Up: 'Booksmart'
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Booksmart is a perfect coming-of-age movie for anyone who's in the throes of experimentation, hookups, and having as much fun as possible this summer (or anyone at all — this movie is incredible). Booksmart is the kind of sweet, romantic movie that will remind you of what it's like to be in high school and have no idea what you're doing.

In A Committed Relationship: 'Photograph'
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Photograph is a sweet, sad, charming love story you'll want to see with a partner. Complete with an incredible cast and beautiful shots of Mumbai, it's a story of an unlikely couple struggling to defeat the odds. Whether or not you and your partner have had drama in getting your families to accept your relationship, you'll relate to this touching story about what people do for love.

Dating Multiple People: 'Avengers: Endgame'
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Honestly, if any of the people you're dating are men, you might have to see this movie anyway. This movie is not only action-packed, but it's three hours long, so you have plenty of time to bond with the person next to you (or run to the bathroom for 30 minutes to text someone else — there's a reason you're dating multiple people).

Going Through A Breakup: 'Child's Play'
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I'm not saying you should want to kill your ex, I'm just saying that when I'm having a ton of emotions, a serial killer movie is the perfect thing to get my mind off it. Aubrey Plaza is so good in this movie, and Chucky the doll so creepy, you won't be able to think about anything going on in your own life. Let your feelings seep out slowly over the course of two hours rather than all at once in a single text message — Child's Play is the perfect breakup movie for you.

Summer is the best time for movies, in my opinion. After you've been out in the heat, coming inside for the AC and cold soda is perfect, and the movies this season can't be beat. Whether you're going to the movies with a lover or friends, there's a story for every possible relationship status. So grab your popcorn and enjoy!

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