The Pudding's "How Bad Is Your Spotify" bot judges your music taste in the style of a hilarious roas...

This Judgy New Spotify Bot Will Hilariously Roast Your Listening Habits

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There's a new Spotify bot in town, and it'll put you in the hot seat for the holidays. Unlike your year-end Spotify Wrapped numbers, this bot looks at what you've listened to the most, and makes quick, funny judgements. It doesn't hesitate to call you a fangirl, a 14-year-old who just found out about punk bands like Blink-182, and #basic, so get ready to be roasted. If you're wondering what's wrong with your go-to playlists, here's how to use the "How Bad Is Your Spotify" bot to see how the AI software rates your overall taste.

Spoiler alert: your overall rating probably won't be good. The bot, which was created by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels for The Pudding, seems to be pretty picky about its artists and 2020 trends like cottagecore. It will begin by asking you to link your Spotify account, and then read through your listening data (safely, of course) to reveal some hard truths about you. After it's done with its quick scan, the bot will bring you through a series of prompts roasting your stan habits, WFH playlists, and more.

Toward the end of the prompt, the bot asks you to play a game before it reveals your final rating. Some ratings are accompanied by a snarky "lol" just to rub in the bot's better-than-you attitude. To get roasted, click on the "How Bad Is Your Spotify" bot link from The Pudding, and maybe get a box of tissues, too.

After you've wrapped up your roast and gotten out of the hot seat, take a few screenshots and post them on Twitter. Fellow Spotify users are all over the social media app roasting the bot right back, calling themselves basic, and basking in the aftermath of this AI machine that would totally be a toxic friend.

And it went like...

Most Spotify users have been a mixed bag of emotions, as the bot is low-key fair with its brutal roasts. They've been taking hits like, "You're stuck in the early 2010s," with gentle, agreeable nods, while also giggling at the embedded "F*ck, Marry, Kill" game. The game asks you to rate the bands and artists the bot says you listen to "too much," making this take-down quite interactive.

Of course, there are people who see the bot and say, "Whatever." They're not affected by its exposé nature, since their habits are secretly weirder than the bot can detect. They see a roast and raise it another roast, such as, "I use Apple Music." (Just kidding, my Apple Music lovers. Stay loyal to your chosen streaming service.)

IDK, maybe we're desensitized from the year that has been 2020, or just love to be roasted for the music we belt out in the shower. Either way, it has been a pleasure, How Bad Is Your Spotify" bot. Thank you for taking us on this ruthless, hilarious, and meme-worthy journey. If you need us, we'll be listening to Taylor Swift's folklore album — again.