Here's how to order a Honey Bee Cold Brew at Starbucks with a few simple steps.

This Starbucks Secret Menu Drink Is A Honey-Filled Sip That's Perfect For Spring

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Since Starbucks rolled out a lineup of non-dairy sips infused with a new honey syrup in January 2021, fans and baristas alike have been putting their own twists on the offering — and one secret menu sip is garnering rave reviews. The Honey Bee Cold Brew, which was crafted by blogger Totally The Bomb, expertly combines honey syrup with almond milk and cold foam for a pick-me-up that features the perfect amount of sweetness. Here's how to order a Honey Bee Cold Brew at Starbucks.

As always when ordering unofficial Starbucks drinks, you'll want to give your barista the exact recipe instead of asking for the drink by name to make sure you're getting the correct order. It's also so easy to customize your drink and add any ingredients when ordering through the app.

According to Totally The Bomb's recipe, you'll want to start by ordering a Venti Honey Almondmilk Cold Brew with light ice, which landed on the menu in January 2021. If you need a refresher, you'll be getting Starbucks' signature Cold Brew that is topped with almond milk and the company's new honey syrup, which is an easy and delicious option to add subtle notes of honey to cold drinks.

Next, ask your barista to add two pumps of vanilla syrup to your drink before topping it with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam. (Adding the must-have ingredient will cost you $1 extra, but it's well worth it if you're a cold foam stan.) To finish off your sip, ask for a drizzle of honey and, if your Starbucks location has it, a finishing touch of Toasted Honey Topping. The result? A dairy-free sip that is "life-changing," according to one fan review on Twitter.

Of course, secret menu items may require more time than normal to make, so it's good to try this out when you're not in a rush (and during less busy times for the baristas). When picking up your drink, you'll also want to follow the CDC's most updated guidance on masking and social distancing for takeout and delivery.

Depending on location, you can expect to pay $5.75 for a venti size of the Honey Bee Cold Brew. Again, that's a dollar more than the OG Honey Almondmilk Cold Brew, thanks to the addition of cold foam, but it sounds like the sweet sip might just be worth it.

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