Here's how to host a Zoom field trip with live animals, so you can bring the outdoors to you.

You Can Have A Llama Join Your Zoom Call With This Farm's Virtual Field Trips

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If you want to host a unique Zoom meeting experience, trying taking a virtual field trip. You can get animals like llamas and goats to join your calls, and it's fairly inexpensive if you split the cost. Here's how to host a Zoom field trip with live animals to make your next call the wildest one yet.

Sweet Farm — a farm based in the Silicon Valley of California — started a project called Goat 2 Meeting that lets you sign up for a virtual field trip activity with its farm animals. The farm is offering four different packages to choose from and there's something for just about any group. Sweet Farm's co-founders, Anna Sweet and Nate Salpeter, have rescued and rehabilitated a variety of farm animals, some of which you can see in a video call with its Goat 2 Meeting program. Some of the animal ambassadors from Sweet Farm that might join your video calls include llamas, goats, pigs, turkeys, cows, and sheep.

Here's how you can host a Zoom field trip with live animals.

Hosting a field trip on Zoom with Goat 2 Meeting is easy. First, you'll need to gather up a group of friends or coworkers and decide which package is right for you. Then, head over to Sweet Farm's website and click on the banner at the top of the screen that says, "Sign up today for Goat 2 Meeting." Next, scroll down to where it says "Click here to schedule your Goat-2 Meeting" and choose which package is right for you.

Since Sweet Farm is a non-profit organization, the money you spend booking is a donation, and there are five different meeting types:

  1. The Private Virtual Tour for up to six people ($65 for 20 minutes) highlights a few of their animal ambassadors and some areas of the farm.
  2. The Private Virtual Tour for up to 15 people ($100 for 20 minutes) is the same as the six-person Private Virtual Tour, but allows more people to join.
  3. The Corporate Meeting Cameo for unlimited guests ($100 For 10 minutes) brings a special animal ambassador cameo into your meeting.
  4. The Corporate Meeting Virtual Tour for unlimited guests ($250 for 25 minutes) gives the group a tour around the farm and highlights some of its animal ambassadors.
  5. The VIP Virtual Private Tour for unlimited guests ($750 for 30 minutes) is hosted by the Executive Director of the farm, including a tour of Sweet Farm and a special visit with multiple of its animal ambassadors.

Once you're set to schedule the meeting, you'll provide your meeting link and share any notes, including requests for specific animal appearances. At the specified date and time of your field trip, you'll log into your Zoom meeting and Sweet Farm will join as scheduled.

While these animal calls are perfect for Zoom, the website says it supports any type of video conferencing tool, so you can also use platforms like Hangouts or Skype. To book your virtual Zoom field trip, call up your friends and visit Sweet Farm's website now.

If you can't snag a virtual field trip with a live animal, there are some other companies offering virtual tours with animals or live webcam experiences. The Cincinnati Zoo's Facebook Live Feed takes place around 3 p.m. ET daily, and the San Diego Zoo's live webcams feature elephants, pandas, penguins, tigers, and more. You can also take a virtual tour of the National Aquarium to catch a glimpse of the Baltimore-based space, or catch up with penguins roaming around Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.

Whatever animal experience you infuse into you next Zoom call, it's sure to make it a memorable one.