How to get Zoom's "Touch Up" feature, so you can look polished in meetings.

Give Yourself An Airbrushed Look On Zoom With This Super Simple Feature

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If you're using video conferencing platforms to join calls remotely for work or school, there are some features you should definitely know about to upgrade your experience. One of the most popular features helps you look camera-ready without almost no effort at all. Here's how to get Zoom's "Touch Up" feature to give yourself an airbrushed look.

The novel coronavirus was officially declared a national emergency by President Donald Trump on Friday, March 13, and many people are now working from home. Practicing social distancing to help flatten the curve of coronavirus might be tough, but video chatting for work or school doesn't have to be. Platforms like Zoom can help you more easily transition to remote work. Video conferencing can be a little awkward if you're not used to it, especially if you don't feel like being on camera. The good news is, there's a filter on Zoom that polishes your look — so if you're feeling a little uncomfortable, it'll bring you some extra confidence.

The "Touch Up My Appearance" feature on Zoom gives your display a soft focus, which helps smooth your skin's appearance for an airbrushed look without doing a thing.

How to find the "Touch Up My Appearance" filter on Zoom with your computer:

  1. Open Zoom on your Mac or Windows computer.
  2. On the homepage, click the gear icon for Settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Video.
  4. Find My Video, then "Touch Up My Appearance." Check the box to turn it on.

If you're already in a meeting, you can still change your settings by selecting the up arrow next to the video camera icon on the bottom of the screen. Then, choose Video Settings and follow the same steps before clicking back to your video screen.


How to find the filter on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Zoom app and tap Settings, which is found on the bottom of your screen.
  2. Next, select Meetings.
  3. Tap on the "Touch Up My Appearance" option and toggle it on.

Unfortunately, there's no way to use the "Touch Up" feature on the Android app as of publication, but it's easy to find using the iOS app or on a computer.

The feature really does give a soft glow to your face, without the use of any extra makeup:

Another worthwhile tip is to use Zoom's fun virtual background feature, which lets you hide your messy office or bedroom while you're working from home. With more time spent on remote conferencing, it's time to try out all the video chat hacks.

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