Here's how to find your Snapchat 2020 year in review to look back at your highlights.

Snapchat's Year In Review Is Back — Here's Where To Find All Your Highlights

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With 2020 almost over, it's time to look back on everything that happened. Thankfully, your Snapchat Year in Review has done all the work for you. While 2020 has been a very ~unusual~ year, you still might want to look back on some of the highlights, like when you finally perfected dalgona coffee or all the virtual happy hours you had with your crew. Whether you need a refresher or you're new to the feature, here's how to find your Snapchat 2020 Year in Review for a look back before ringing in the new year.

As of Thursday, Dec. 17, Snapchat's traditional year-end review is rolling out to users nationwide, according to an email from the company to Elite Daily. Like previous Snapchat Year in Review Stories, you'll be able to find a video of your year in Snaps. To find it, you may want to first make sure your Snapchat app is updated, and then open Snapchat. From the Snapchat Camera, tap the "photos" icon to the left of the shutter button to access the Memories section. Once there, you should see the "A Look Back at 2020" story at the top of the "Snaps" section.

The Snaps featured in your year-end review will showcase Snaps saved to Memories from the past year that highlight things you've done, places you've gone (or not gone), and friends you've seen (if only virtually).

Your 2020 Snapchat Year in Review will feature some nods to the weirdest year ever. Your story will likely start with the phrases, "Looking back, hindsight is... 2020," and "It started out like any other year," before delving into other sections.

Categories you may see include "on the go" before the coronavirus shutdowns, when "you stocked up" on essentials, worked or studied from home, stayed in, did some cooking, marathon-watched TV shows, cuddled with pets, and more.

Other highlights include any Snaps you have about "making your voice heard," like attending Black Lives Matter protests or voting in the 2020 presidential election. What appears in your story depends on what Snaps you saved over throughout the year, so it will vary from person to person, but you may just be reminded of some bright spots you forgot about.

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If you don't see your Year in Review story, it's likely because you didn't share enough Snaps throughout the year, so there aren't enough Snaps saved in your Memories. Unfortunately, there's no way for users to change that, so if you don't see a story for 2020, you'll need to Snap more in 2021.

For Snapchatters who have a year-end story, you'll be able to save it to your stories section in Memories if you'd like to, as well as send it to your friends, or post it as a public story. Snapchat says the Year in Review story will only be available for a limited time, so make sure you catch it (and save it) ASAP.