Here Are All The Ways Princess Eugenie Broke Royal Tradition At Her Wedding

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As you probably already know, royal wedding customs have changed tremendously over the last century or so. The "rules," however, also vary from based on who — in particular ‚ is getting married. Take Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, for example: they broke a few so-called "traditional" rules. However, their wedding had far more required formalities than Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding did, for example. So, if you didn't catch the live broadcast of the latest British extravaganza, here are the here's how Princess Eugenie's wedding broke royal traditions — some of them will probably come as a major surprise.

In case you haven't heard, Princess Eugenie isn't a working royal. According to The Sun, that essentially means that unlike Prince William and Prince Harry, she isn't responsible for carrying out public duties. This is because she's much farther down the line in snagging the royal throne than they are. So, she has less "required" traditions than they did. Between hosting an informal second-day party, having a maid of honor, and not having her wedding count as a "bank holiday," there are several ways which her wedding differed from other royal weddings. Check out the "rules" Eugenie broke, below — each and every one of them are actually super interesting.

An Informal Second-Day Party
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A party following Eugenie's wedding will occur the day after her wedding on Saturday, Oct. 13. According to The Telegraph, it's set to include fair rides, cocktails, and food tents, evoking a modern "festival vibe." IMO, that sounds way more fun than any other stuffy after-party.

The Beverages
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Eugenie's husband, Jack Brooksbank, is the European Brand Manager for Casamigos Tequila (aka the brand founded by George Clooney), according to Hello Magazine. Since he happens to know a thing or two about beverages, he decided to plan the wedding's cocktail list, and it involves — you guessed it — lots and lots of tequila-based cocktails. It's a little different from the usual champagne and rosé (which I'm sure they'll serve anyway) but TBH, it sounds like his drink selection will bring double the fun.

UK Residents Won't Get A Day Off For Her Wedding
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Unlike Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding day, there won't be a bank holiday for Princess Eugenie's wedding on Friday, Oct. 12, 2018, according to Express.co.uk. It doesn't make a difference for Americans, really, but a bank holiday in the UK means an entire day off from work. Oh well.

Her Maid Of Honor
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According to Cheat Sheet, Eugenie’s older sister, Princess Beatrice, was selected to be her maid of honor. Having a maid of honor in royal weddings isn't super traditional in the first place (aside from Pippa Middleton, who was Kate's, that is). Also, though, many royal brides don't have adult bridesmaids. Queen Elizabeth's bridal party, for example, mostly consisted of pre-teens and kids.

The Wedding Was Broadcasted On ITV Instead Of BBC
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If you've ever taken the time to watch any of the previous royal weddings (take Meghan's and Harry's, for example), it was broadcasted on one of Britain's biggest broadcasting networks, The BBC. The BBC, however, did not broadcast Eugenie's wedding because, based on rumors which were reported by Harpers Bazaar, the BBC reportedly didn't think Eugenie's wedding would attract enough viewers. Therefore, their rival station, ITV, broadcasted Eugenie's big day instead.

Their Wedding Cake
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Obviously, I saved the most important part for last: the wedding cake. In case you hadn't already heard, Princess Eugenie and Jack decided to go with an autumnal red velvet with chocolate icing instead of the usual iced fruit cake, according to Hello Magazine. Meghan and Harry's cake was a bit more "traditional" in this way, but regardless, their cake of choice sounds pretty darn good.

Sometimes, breaking tradition isn't the worst thing in the world, and it looks like it worked for Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding. Despite their so-called "different" royal wedding, it looks like it was a total blast. Honestly, I'm experiencing some major FOMO right now.