Having A Cool Mom Who All Your Friends Love Is So Much More Than A Title

Your mom's "not like a regular mom"; she's a cool mom. It's not just a Mean Girls quote to you, because it's your life. Your friends love and adore your mom, and she's kind of like a second mom to them. Though, you're the lucky one who actually gets to call her "mom." You wouldn't trade your special bond with her for the world, because she's so much more than a parent to you. She's your best friend, role model, and a true confidante, but having a cool mom who all your friends love is so much more than a title.

She didn't just get labeled "cool" for absolutely no reason; she earned that title from the awesome things she did when you were growing up, and continues to do. Growing up, your mom was chill about having your friends over for movies and games on Friday nights, and made sure to have all the best snacks lined up for everyone to enjoy. She even took the time to catch up with your friends and ask how they were doing, which showed how much she genuinely cared.

She's an incredible parent, but also a great friend. It's definitely not an easy role to take on, but she somehow does it all with style. I could go on and on about how awesome my mom is, but you know it, because your mom also has these 11 unique qualities that makes her the coolest.

She Gives The Best Advice To You And Your Friends
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Your "cool" mom knows exactly what you need to hear, and can relate to you on a different level. She tries to understand your situation, and even if she's not completely in the know about online dating and social media things, she understands enough to provide that wise advice you and your friends have always appreciated.

Your Squad Feels Comfortable Talking To Her About Pretty Much Everything
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Sometimes, it can be awkward AF talking to a parent about certain topics, but that was never the case with your mom. Even if it's not necessarily the easiest topic to discuss, your mom has always made you and your friends feel super comfortable. You guys feel no judgement and you're never embarrassed, because she makes you feel like everything is going to be OK.

She Loves To Catch Up, But Knows When To Give You And Your Friends Space

A cool mom knows when to give you and your friends space. She really enjoys catching up with your friends, but doesn't hover.

This reminds me of when I had sleepovers in high school. (You can likely relate, too.) My mom made all of my friends feel right at home, but she gave us our alone time as well. She'd also always be there if we needed anything. Basically, she's the best superhero ever.

She's Fun To Hang Out With
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You know your mom is cool when your friends tell you that she's invited to the plan as well. It never feels awkward like an adult is there to chaperone, because your mom is super fun to be around. She can make you laugh, and tells the best stories. She's basically like a Lorelai Gilmore, right?

She Wants To Be In The Know

Even though your mom may be a little out of the loop on current social media trends and the latest celeb news, she wants to be in the know. She can follow along when you're giving her the 4-1-1 on all the latest gossip, and you never have to backtrack and explain things.

She Treats All Of Your Friends Like Family

Your friends always feel welcome coming over your house, because your mom treats them like family. As long as you love your friends, so does your mom. She's warm and inviting, and it makes everyone feel super comfortable around her.

She Always Comes Prepared

Your mom must carry around some kind of Mary Poppins-style bag, because she's always prepared with bandages and the best snacks. She has everything you could ever need in an emergency, and you always feel safe when she's around. No matter what life might throw at you, your mom is always there to make it better.

She Texts You On The Reg
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Your mom knows how to text and everything. She might even send a few emojis (in the right context, too). She'll text you to check in or send a funny picture on the regular, because she's cool.

She Has A Wardrobe You Honestly Want To Steal
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Let's be honest: You want to raid your mom's closet. My mom has great style. I've "borrowed" a few vintage Disney sweaters of my mom's that have gotten me more compliments than I get on my own clothes.

She'll Watch TV Shows With You

You and your mom get even closer when you watch the same TV shows together (that your friends also watch). Whether it's Grey's Anatomy, Downton Abbey, or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you watch a bunch of episodes together, and then when your friends come over, have a group discussion about what happened.

She Can Make You Laugh With So Many Inside Jokes
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Humor goes a long way when it comes to coolness. You, your mom, and your friends have so many inside jokes from over the years that she can make you smile even on the most stressful days.