Harry Styles' "Adore You" music video Is all about a giant pet fish.

Harry Styles' New Music Video Will Make You Fall In Love With A Giant Fish, Seriously


Ahead of the release of his sophomore album, Fine Line, on Dec. 13, Harry Styles dropped his "Adore You" music video and it's everything fans never knew they needed. The video was directed by Dave Meyers, the genius behind top-tier music videos such as "Señorita," "Bad Guy," and "God Is A Woman." The plot is so fascinating, it should really be its own movie.

Styles kicked it up a notch for his new era, as his "Adore You" music video is like nothing his fans have seen before. Previously, fans saw Styles take to the skies in his "Sign of The Times" music video, start a food fight in "Kiwi," and put his abs on full display in "Lights Up," but "Adore You" takes the music video experience to another level because of its unique storyline and exceptional cinematography.

The first two minutes of the video started with clips of what fans already saw in the "Adore You" teaser about the fictional island of "Eroda" where everyone frowns. Styles is an outcast among the townspeople because of his bright smile.

The music video picks up where the teaser left off, with Styles saving a little fish that had washed ashore. The rest of the video shows Styles and the fish forming a special bond, as Styles takes him in as his pet and feeds him every day. But as time passes, the fish gets so big, he has to return to the sea, which leads Styles to seek help from the townspeople to put the fish back. They succeed, and the video ends with Styles seemingly making friends with the townspeople.

To tease the MV, Styles tricked the whole internet into believing "Eroda" actually existed. Over the past few weeks, mysterious "Eroda" advertisements appeared on Twitter, which lead users to a website encouraging them to visit the island. The Twitterverse worked together to find out more information about the island, but they soon discovered "Eroda" was fictional.

Since "Eroda" was "Adore" spelled backwards, Styles' fans believed the ads were a creative marketing campaign for Adore You."

Yet again, Stylers were right. What they didn't know was that "Adore You" was going to be a cinematic masterpiece they'd want to watch again and again — but that's what they got.