Tweets About Harry Styles' "Kiwi" Video Prove Fans Are Really Into Cupcakes & Puppies


Harry Styles just dropped the "Kiwi" music video, and I've never been so confused in my life. Seriously, "Kiwi" is hands down the most sexual song on the Harry Styles album, and this music video is all about kids having a food fight and playing with puppies?! Harry, honey, please tell me what this means. Like, I love it with my entire being because your presence is a gift, but what is this music video about?! Other fans are hella confused about this video as well, and the tweets about Harry Styles' "Kiwi" video prove it.

First of all, Harry Styles is missing for the entire video until he comes in near the end with a HOARD OF PUPPIES. Second of all, I can handle none of this. That suit he's wearing? End me. That smirk he gives at the end? I have no chance of survival. The puppies and the cupcakes? Jesus, take the wheel. If this video were the music video for literally any other song, it would probably make sense. But the "Kiwi" lyrics are so freaking SEXUAL, you guys. I just don't get how it has anything to do with a bunch of kids ruining their school picture day (adorably). The "Kiwi" lyrics go:

HarryStylesVEVO on YouTube

Fans seemed to be straight-up confused about the video.

Others think it's basically the Kidz Bop version of Dunkirk.

Some could care less about anything in the video except for the smirk we got at the end, which completely ended me.

Some fans think it's a classic Harry Styles move.

The rest of the "Kiwi" lyrics go:

Listen, no matter how irrelevant the "Kiwi" music video is to the "Kiwi" lyrics, we can all agree that Harry Styles the solo artist is the greatest thing to ever happen to 2017 besides Beyoncé's twins.