Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cookies
Find Your Hogwarts House With These 'Harry Potter' Sorting Hat Cookie TikToks

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As a diehard Harry Potter stan, you're definitely still hoping an owl drops off your acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You've always dreamed of going to Diagon Alley to pick up school supplies, meeting fellow Hogwarts students, and getting sorted into your official house. While your particular owl is still MIA, you can have fun making some Harry Potter sorting hat cookies from TikTok to finally know if you belong in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw.

Of course, you've probably taken every quiz possible, like the official Pottermore sorting hat quiz, and know for a fact which house you would sort yourself into, but now's the time to let your dessert decide. These seven Harry Potter sorting hat cookie recipes have surprise color reveals inside that are meant to tell you which house you belong in. On the outside, they look just like regular chocolate chip or butter beer cookies, but once you bite into them or break them apart, there are different colored M&M's or sprinkles inside that tell you the kind of which or wizard you are inside.

Make a batch for your Harry Potter movie night to snack on while you rewatch your favorite films, or send a few to your bestie to see what they get. There are quite a few sorting hat dessert recipes on TikTok for not just cookies, but sorting hat cupcakes and cake pops as well. So, go ahead and conjure up whatever you're craving for the sweetest house reveal ever.

Butter Beer Sorting Hat Cookies

Not only are these sorting hat cookies, but they're butter beer cookies as well. It's like the ultimate Harry Potter experience where you get to find out your house and get a taste of that sweet Wizarding World butter beer you're craving.

To achieve the sorting hat reveal, this recipe from TikToker @thepalatablelife uses red, green, yellow, and blue M&M's to represent the different houses, and also gives you a bit of a chocolate surprise. It also calls for some butterscotch pudding mix, which gives it the butter beer flavor and makes your cookies extra fluffy.

Chocolate Chip Sorting Hat Cookies

This chocolate chip sorting hat recipe from TikToker @justassaneasme is super easy to follow. All you need is a go-to chocolate chip cookie dough recipe and your color reveal filling. In the video, she goes through a few different methods to get the sorting hat reveal like food dye and colored dough in the middle, but the most successful is sprinkles. They aren't visible on the outside, but give a good reveal on the inside.

Sorting Hat Cookie Sandwich

Instead of baking into the dough, you can try this method from TikToker Ruth Moss (@thatonehufflepuf) to create sorting hat cookie sandwiches. What you'll want to do is make two different cookie shapes. One is just a regular circle, and the other is a circle with a hole cut out of the center.

Place a cutout cookie on top of a full cookie, and fill the center with your colored sprinkles. Seal the sandwich together with another full cookie on top. When you bite into your cookie sandwich, you'll get a fun sprinkle reveal.

Use An Ice Cream Scoop For The Perfect Size

TikToker @liana4.0 followed the butter beer recipe @thepalatablelife put together, and even used an ice cream scoop, which is key. By using a scoop, you get the perfect sized dough ball, which you can then use your finger to poke a hole in for your M&M's. Seal it all up in the scoop and place on your baking sheet. Once they've cooked, you get the perfect cookie that doesn't reveal any color until you break it apart.

No Bake Sorting Hat Cookie

This is another alternative sorting hat cookie tutorial that doesn't actually require you to bake anything into your cookie dough. You could even use store-bought cookies if you want. Following TikToker @britnyamber, you just need to place a sorting hat made from paper shaped like a cone on top of your cookie. Make sure you have some candy inside the cone, so when someone raises the hat up, it reveals their house colors.

Sorting Hat Cupcakes

Once you've nailed down a sorting hat cookie, you might want to try making some sorting hat cupcakes. Just like the cookies, these cupcakes from TikToker @xizaaa_ have hidden M&M's inside that reveal which house you belong in. Add some chocolate icing on top that you can also make look like the official sorting hat from the movie.

Sorting Hat Cake Pops

Another sorting hat sweet you can try in addition to cookies are these sorting hat cake pops from TikToker @imleep. Make red, green, yellow, and blue colored cake to dip into white chocolate. Then, when you bite into your chosen cake pop, you'll know which house is yours.

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