Hannah Godwin's Engagement Ring Reflects Her Love Story In The Sweetest Way

ABC/John Fleenor

Was a three-hour Bachelor in Paradise season finale really necessary? Absolutely not. But at least the season ended with three proposals. Dylan Barbour was one of the three that got down on one knee, and if you haven't seen Hannah Godwin's engagement ring yet, prepare to be blinded. The franchise's go-to jeweler, Neil Lane of Neil Lane Couture, had the task of designing four different rings (as Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty wanted to present each other with rings), but he still took the time to design custom creations that perfectly suited each lady and their respective relationships.

For Godwin, Lane chose to go with a cushion-cut halo ring, using classic elements to reflect her and Barbour's classic love story. "This couple has a very traditional love story," Lane explained to People. "Boy meets girl, girl plays hard to get, Dylan wins her over with his charm. Their ring is a classic timeless style — similar to Hannah. She's an all-American girl raised in the south and it was important for Dylan to win her family over. This ring is symbolic of her traditional background, all American roots and with a major touch of glam — just like her." I'd say that Lane nailed it.

ABC/John Fleenor

Godwin's gorgeous platinum sparkler features a 2.5-carat cushion-cut diamond, which is surrounded by a halo of 20 round diamonds and — because you can never have too many diamonds — 62 round diamonds in the band. Considering that Godwin told Barbour she trusted him “one million percent" before he even got down on one knee, I feel pretty confident that the gorgeous ring isn't the only reason she accepted the proposal (though I'm sure it also didn't hurt).

Barbour and Godwin have been fan favorites since the very beginning of the season and — save for a brief love triangle with Blake Horstmann — they seemed pretty committed to each other through it all. However, before accepting the proposal, Godwin admitted in her confessional that she was working through some "obstacles" and wasn't quite sure getting engaged was the best move. But all it took was hearing Barbour explain how much she meant to him for Godwin to feel they were a sure thing.

ABC/John Fleenor

On the beach before the big moment, Godwin opened by saying how much she valued their relationship. "I walked onto this beach and I truly didn’t know that I could deserve somebody as great as you," she said. "You made my Paradise so special just by being you and following your heart. I'm so ready to make you my priority." However, Godwin also told Barbour about those "doubts" she'd alluded to in her confessional. "But the biggest thing with that is that I've also been burned a little bit in the past — my last relationship crumbled and it crumbled part of me, too," she explained. "I'm terrified and scared about that happening again."

Always-charming Barbour responded in the best kind of way. "I know how important your family is to you and it is one of a million reasons why I love you," he replied. "I'm willing to get on a plane with you tonight to Alabama and meet them. I cannot wait to meet them. But I also can't wait to take the next step with you and start our life together. You've shown me a love I never thought existed and I can't leave here without showing you how much I love you." I mean, how can you say no to that?

At the reunion show, the couple revealed they are still engaged and excited about their future. "He's my person," Godwin explained during their appearance. "I have a different kind of love for him that I ever knew existed and that's really special." While the couple isn't moving in together just yet, Barbour revealed that Godwin is moving to California, so they'll no longer be a plane ride apart. I trust one million percent that it's only a matter of time before these two take a trip down the aisle together.