OMG, Hannah Brown's Mom Said The Shadiest Thing About Jed Wyatt

Mark Bourdillion/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Hear that sound? It's Hannah Brown cringing. Her mom posted an Instagram on May 8 celebrating her son Patrick's health and sobriety ahead of Mother's Day, and managed to sneak in a few choice words about her daughter's ex-fiancé. Susanne Brown's quote about Jed Wyatt might even give the notoriously opinionated Barb Weber a run for her money.

"Thank you God for letting him stay with me a little bit longer," Susanne wrote alongside a photo of her and Patrick. "You listened to my prayers and he is going to have a wonderful life. Best Mother’s Day anyone could ask for and I don’t have a son in law that hurts my ears when he sings!!! 🙏 answered!!!"

Alabama Hannah didn't hold back in the comments. The former Bachelorette star wrote, "Mother. we should probably make some edits to this."

While Jed didn't directly respond to Susanne's dig, he praised his own mom, Gina Wyatt, for teaching him poise in his Mother's Day post on May 11. "Best momma in the world hands down," he wrote alongside a carousel of photos with his mother. "Thank you for always encouraging me to take the high road and taking it yourself."

Even if Susanne isn't a fan of Jed, the singer-songwriter isn't lacking for love and support in his life — he's been dating Ellen Decker, a model, teacher, and personal trainer, since at least October 2019. "Jellen" made it Instagram official in January 2020, and the couple is currently social distancing together.

The couple hasn't shared details about how they met, but they don't shy away from revealing how much they love each other. In April 2020, Jed wrote on Instagram, "I love you, El. Wouldn’t want to be cooped up with anyone else. You are THE puzzle queen and the missing piece to mine♥️"

The same month, Ellen wrote, "You’ve been my light in all this darkness✨"

Meanwhile, during an hour-long Instagram Live on May 6, Hannah shared that she's interested in settling down, too. “You know, I definitely want to be in a relationship. I think I’m finally getting to the point where I can say that I could do that at this point in my life,” she explained. “I think I needed a little break and I definitely took that. I’m gonna be single until it’s right. I don’t date around, really. You have to date people, but I date, like, seriously.”

Although some fans might still be carrying a torch for her and Tyler Cameron, the former pageant queen is looking to widen her dating pool. “I can date other people that are not on The Bachelor,” she insisted. “Y’all are driving me crazy!”

Whoever she dates next, let's hope Susanne approves.