Halsey Let Her Fans Pick Her Next Hair Color & They Chose A Shade She's Never Tried Before

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it's time to make a hair change, be it as minor as a trim or as major as a dye job, there are certain methods I utilize to determine exactly what I want. Often, those methods include stalking trends on Pinterest and Instagram, but apparently, I've been doing it all wrong. Halsey's tweet asking fans what color she should dye her hair actually worked, and she's now sporting yet another new hairdo that slays as a result. Should I be using Twitter polls to control my life and my beauty look? It's working for Halsey, so maybe.

The start of the new year had singer Halsey positively itching to change up her look — the only issue? She can quite literally pull off any hairstyle, so she basically had too many options to choose from. Can you imagine? I want to live in a world where my biggest stressor is, "Should I look gorgeous with a red pixi cut today, or stunning with a lilac bob?" Jokes aside, Halsey was seriously stumped as to what to do next with her hair, and took to Twitter to express her frustrations.

Side note: Halsey's GIF game is strong AF, seen in action here when she first let fans know she wanted a new lewk:

Her biggest problem? She couldn't figure out what colors were on trend. As someone not nearly as hip as Halsey, I can totally relate to this:

A huge My Chemical Romance fan in my youth, it is at this point that I began aggressively tweeting Halsey to go with Gerard Way red. I wasn't the only one:

Apparently, though, she was getting quite a few tweets urging her in differing directions, so she decided to more accurately gauge her fans' feelings by setting up a poll through which they could vote on her next hair color. This is 2019, people. Welcome to the future.

The poll had three options — lilac, Gerard Way red, and pink (again):

As it turns out, Lilac won by a landslide with 60 percent of the vote, with Gerard Way red receiving 24 percent of votes, and pink getting a mere 16 percent. I was a little salty about red losing out, I admit, but the voting process was fun, and I'm not a sore loser, so I'm OK with it. Plus, Halsey's never tried lilac, and I knew it would look amazing.

Here's her hair last time it was pink, for context. She can clearly rock a pastel, am I right?

And even though she hasn't shared a shot of her new 'do, she did confirm that she made the change:

Seriously, I can't wait to see lilac hair on Halsey, so I hope she hits us up with pictures soon. For once, it seems like listening to strangers on the Internet really worked in someone's favor? I'm definitely shocked, but happy for Halsey. Even though, like I said, she could rock anything.

However, Halsey has made it very clear that she won't be letting Twitter make all of her hair decisions: