Halsey's Rainbow Hair At The VMAs Was Her Idea, & Her Hairstylist Spilled All The Deets — EXCLUSIVE

Courtesy of Dove Hair

While I'm normally not all that blown away by red carpet fashion, I've gotta give it up for all my faves at the 2019 Video Music Awards, as there were a ton of major lewks slaying the red carpet. My fave, though, had to be my girl Halsey, and while her edgy-sexy red dress/black leather lingerie combo was incredible, it was her hair that really piqued my interest. ICYMI, Halsey's Rainbow Hair At The 2019 VMAs stole the damn show, and I'm here to spill the tea on exactly how she got the look.

Halsey is one of those celebs that's always changing up her hairstyle — sometimes she rocks her natural curls, she's been known to throw on a long, sleek wig, and she occasionally sports supershort strands that put all other pixie cuts to shame. She never wears the same 'do twice, so when it comes to red carpet looks, I always expect her to try out something new. Out of all the hairstyles I've seen her slay, this year's VMAs look really wowed me. Hairstylist Florido gave Halsey the most enviable hair of the night, and ROY G. BIV-inspired roots served as the pièce de résistance.

No need to keep playing around with hairdos, Halsey. This one can't and won't be topped, so might as well stick with it forever:

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Given that Florido is a hair genius, I honestly assumed he'd preplanned the part himself, but when he spoke to Elite Daily about the look, he gave mad props to Halsey as the genius behind the statement roots. "Halsey did the rainbow part on her own this morning," Florido tells Elite Daily, "Then we built the rest of the look around it but kept the rainbow part the star." Is there nothing this woman can't do??

Halsey is the visionary our world needs, from music to hairsyles, y'all:

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"Halsey loves to stand out and tonight she wanted to do something that she hadn’t seen before," Florido tells Elite Daily, and to ensure the rest of her strands lived up to her rainbow part's hype, he turned to Dove hair products and GHD hot tools to finish off the look. "On dry hair, I sprayed Dove Care Between Washes Re-Styling Milk ($5, at the roots to tame flyaways and add shine to the rainbow part and brushed it all the way through," explained Florido.

After using a blow dryer and hairbrush to smooth strands out, Florido then went in with a flat iron to create easy waves:

Courtesy of Dove Hair

"I took 3-inch sections and used a GHD platinum+ styler ($249, and bent the hair forward and backwards from the roots to ends," said Florido:

Courtesy of Dove Hair

Before and after curling, he made sure to use a good hairspray — his #1 red carpet hair must-have. "For any red carpet always have a great hair spray," Florido tells Elite Daily. "I used the Dove Compressed Micro Mist Extra Hold Hairspray ($5, to make sure her hair was perfect," he says.

And perfect it was. This look was a hit!

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The rainbow part and cool-girl waves paired perfectly with Halsey's edgy Peter Dundas dress and dark Deborah Lippmann mani (She wore shade "Fight The Power"!). The overall look was sexy and grunge, but the pop of rainbow added an unexpected playfulness. Halsey and Florido should collab on innovative hairstyles like this one more often — or, you know, she could just wear this look every day for the rest of forever. I personally wouldn't be mad.