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8 Underrated Perks Of Going To Disneyland With A Big Group

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Planning a vacay to Disneyland can be stressful as much as it is exciting. You have so much you want to do, that prioritizing is key. From the outside, it may seem like going to Disneyland with a big group is an added stress you don't necessarily need, but it can actually be a blessing in disguise. With the right crew by your side, you may check off everything on your Disney bucket list in one day alone.

If your squad has always talked about going to Disneyland together in your group chat, it's time to make that happen. Of course, when you think about wrangling a big group, your mind might wander to getting separated from each other, or having to compromise on what you want to do. If you're feeling any hesitancy about going to Disneyland with a bigger crew, it's time to kick those feelings to the curb.

While traveling alone or with a small group may seem like the easiest option, there are some underrated perks of experiencing Disneyland with your entire crew. Some of the benefits on this list are even tried and true by yours truly. So even at Disneyland, the saying is true: "The more, the merrier."

The Group Pics Are Epic
Rachel Chapman

Disneyland is such an Instagram-worthy destination, so it's crucial to be camera-ready whenever the moment presents itself. With a huge group, the selfies are bound to be epic. To make sure everyone gets in the photo, ask a PhotoPass photographer to snap a pic for you. One of the best places to find a photographer is in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Waiting In Line Is A Whole Lot More Enjoyable

The downside to theme parks is having to wait in line to ride some of your favorites. Luckily, you have your entire group to help the time pass. Someone can download the Heads Up! game on their phone so you can all play charades while you're waiting.

There's Always Someone Game To Check Out The Rides You Want To Go On

Not everyone in your group may be down to go on the same rides you want to, but when you've got a big group, there will always be at least one person who's game. If you love thrill rides like Space Mountain and the Incredicoaster, you can ride with whoever wants to, while the rest of your crew shops or checks out other rides. It's a win-win for everyone.

You Can Tag Team Who Gets Snacks While The Rest Of The Group Saves A Spot In Line

One of the best parts about having a big group is being able to tag team. While most of the group saves space in line to take a pic with Mickey Mouse, a few of you can grab snacks to make the line waiting process a little sweeter.

There's Always Someone To Share Food With
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If you plan on having a foodie day at Disneyland, you might need a little help. Splitting your food with friends is not only budget-friendly, but leaves room in your stomach so you can try even more Mickey-shaped sweets and treats.

If You Forgot Something, Someone's Bound To Have It

Even though you'll make sure to pack your Disney bag with the essentials, there might be something you forget, like a phone charger or sunscreen. Luckily, you have a whole crew with you, so someone's bound to have whatever you're looking for.

It's Easier To Secure FastPasses For Everyone

FASTPASS allows you to spend less time waiting in line. In order to secure one, you need to go to the ride you want a FASTPASS for and use your park ticket to get an additional ticket. Disney MaxPass is a great way to avoid going from ride to ride to book FASTPASSES, because you can do it all through your phone via the Disneyland app (for $15 per person).

If not everyone in your group can dish out the extra cash, though, you can go the old school route of getting FASTPASS. No worries, though, because you can tag team again. Some of your friends can grab FASTPASSES for the group while everyone else waits in line for another ride.

You Can Coordinate Your Outfits For Cute Pics

The easiest way to spot your group in a crowd is when everyone is wearing matching outfits. You don't even need to wear matching tees; you can simply coordinate on a similar theme, which will totally upgrade your group pics. If you're all about the nostalgia of Disney, rock the most '90s-inspired outfits you can find, or DisneyBound as different princesses.

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