7 Things To Do At Disneyland Alone To Ensure You Have The Best Solo Adventure

Sometimes, you just need a solo adventure. It’s an opportunity to do exactly what you want to do, and on your own time. As necessary as quality "me time" is, Disneyland might not seem like the first choice to capture that kind of experience. However, going to Disneyland alone is actually one of my absolute favorite things to do.

Of course, Disney is a place for family and friends to get together and embrace all the magic this destination has to offer, but any Disney lover needs to experience what it’s like to venture around the park solo as well. If you have an annual pass to Disneyland, and have never gone alone, now is your chance. You may think it's going to feel extra lonely being in a crowded park, surrounded by families all wearing matching T-shirts, but the crowds actually make it fun and easy to blend.

Whether you want to check off every ride on your to-do list or just take a stroll through the park, a great day is ahead of you. Just take my advice, as someone who goes to Disney at every chance I get — you should try these seven things that are only made better when you’re at Disney alone.

Feel Free To Eat Everything Your Heart Desires
Rachel Chapman

Disney has some of the tastiest and most Instagram-worthy treats possible. Who can resist a a pic holding a pretzel made to look like Mickey Mouse? Of course, you can always eat whatever you want when you're with friends in the park, but when you are solo you don't have to compromise. You're the boss and can eat wherever and whenever you please.

Go At Your Own Pace

I tend to walk super fast. I'm always speeding around the park and weaving in and out of crowds. The only problem is when I get ahead and have to slow down or stop so my friends can catch up. When I'm at Disney alone, I can finally go at my own pace without hesitation.

Take Advantage Of The Single Rider Lines

At Disneyland, you have the regular standby line, the FASTPASS line, and then, there's something called the Single Rider line. It allows single riders to jump ahead so they can help fill out any cars that are missing just one person. Who knew being single would be such a benefit? You can do single rider for so many great attractions.

Use The PhotoPass Photographers To Get Some Awesome Pics

You might be thinking that because you're at Disneyland alone, you'll only be walking away with selfies you took yourself, but you'd be wrong. Throughout the park, there are PhotoPass photographers there to take your picture for you as you stand in front of the castle or meet different characters. They will snap some cute pics for the 'Gram so you don't have to wear out your selfie-stretching arm.

Check Off Every Mountain On Your Disneyland Bucket List
Rachel Chapman

At Disneyland, there are four big mountains you need to experience alone. I'm talking about Splash, Space, Big Thunder, and of course, Matterhorn. If you're a big thrill ride person, these are the rides for you.

Being at Disneyland by yourself actually helps make it easier to check each one of these off. There are single rider lines for Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Matterhorn. The only mountain you'll have to wait for is Big Thunder, but even then, the line won't be that long.

Get Your Steps In Walking Through Each Land

Sometimes, instead of going to the gym, I honestly just go to Disneyland. It's a real workout walking through all the lands. It's the best way to get your steps in, and you'll definitely be hitting all your goals when you're at Disneyland solo.

Pick One Thing In Each Land As Your Priority

When going to Disney with a big group, you may have to make a few compromises on what you want to do. You're following wherever the majority wants to go. That means there are things you wanted to ride, or food you wanted to eat that you might miss out on. That's not true when you're at Disneyland alone. You could even pick one thing in each of the lands, and make it your priority to do.