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I Go To Disney 12 Times A Year & Mastered What To Bring In My Backpack

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The day has finally arrived, and you're heading to the most magical place ever. But before you hit the road, you need to know exactly what to bring to Disney in a backpack. When you plan on spending hours exploring the grounds, posing for pics with your favorite characters, enjoying Mickey-shaped food, and attempting to ride every single ride, you want to make sure you're prepared for anything that may come your way. You also don't want to over-pack and have to lug around a heavy bag. That's where I come in to help you out.

I've been going to the parks since I was a kid, so I consider myself quite the park guru. There have been times when I've packed too much (and too little) in my bag, so now I know what's absolutely necessary. On top of that, you also want everything to fit in a backpack like a Mickey or Minnie Loungefly bag that's useful and Instagram-ready.

If only Mary Poppins' magical bag that had everything you could ever want inside actually existed. But until Disney finds a way to make that dream come true, you should consider following this simple guide of essentials to pack in your backpack.

A Fan To Keep Cool In The Heat
Rachel Chapman

It gets very hot in the parks, especially in Florida in the summertime. Consider bringing a personal fan to keep cool while you wait in line and explore in the heat. I love bringing a hand-held paper fan because it folds up and fits perfectly inside my backpack.

A Reusable Water Bottle To Stay Hydrated

Packing a reusable water bottle to keep hydrated is necessary. According to Walt Disney World's FAQ page, you can bring food and non-alcoholic beverages into the park with you, so long as they're not in glass containers. For more information you can refer to the FAQ page.

Sunscreen To Reapply Throughout The Day

Even if you put sunscreen on in the morning, you'll need to reapply throughout the day. I usually stock up on travel-size sunscreen to put in my theme park bag.

Snacks To Eat While You're Waiting In Line

Even though I go to the parks to enjoy every Mickey-shaped snack I possibly can, I like to bring my own treats as well. It not only helps me to save some money when I get hungry, but it can also come in handy when I'm stuck in a long line and want something to munch on in the meantime.

A Good Pair Of Sunglasses
Rachel Chapman

Sunglasses are another necessity for a long Disney day. They can also add some serious style to whatever outfit you plan on wearing. If you're looking for a pair that's useful, trendy, and doesn't take up too much space, these polarized foldable sunglasses by Ray-Ban are an awesome choice.

Tinted Lip Balm To Stay Fresh And Chic

I have at least one lip balm in every bag I own. Needless to say, my Disney backpack is no exception. Not only does it keep my lips from being chapped, but if I have a lip balm with a little tint, it adds a pop of lip color to my selfies.

Hand Sanitizer Or Travel Wipes

You can't go wrong keeping a travel-size hand sanitizer in your bag. Plus, Bath & Body Works never disappoints with their variety of amazing scents. Get a cute animal keychain that holds your hand sanitizer like this narwhal one.

A Portable Charger Is Key

Based on my experience, it's close to impossible to go an entire Disney day without your battery dying. Between checking the Disney app for wait times, using your camera to snap all the pics, and posting on your Instagram story, you'll be using your phone all day.

That's why you need a portable charger. I have three small ones I can rotate between and share with my friends if need be.

A Poncho To Be Prepared
Rachel Chapman

If it starts to drizzle, the fun doesn't have to stop. If an afternoon shower comes out of nowhere, you'll be prepared if you pack a poncho in your backpack. A poncho can also be super useful when you want to ride a water ride but don't want to get super wet.

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