Here's how to dress for Disney so you're comfortable and picture-ready.
Here's How To Dress At Disney So You're Comfy & Insta-Ready

The one thing I stress over when prepping for a big trip is what to pack. I want to be comfy but also look picture-ready for the vacation photos I’m bound to snap. Since Disney is known for being a truly Insta-worthy destination, you likely want to put creative thought into what you’re wearing to the parks. Don't fret if you’re currently staring at your closet and feeling lost. You may find yourself wondering, "What should I wear to Disney?" I have you covered.

When you know there are cool walls, ride photos, and character opps at every corner, you'll want to be camera-ready all day. You also don’t want to be walking around a theme park with uncomfortable footwear and an outfit that isn’t weather appropriate. That’s where I come in as your personal Disney style guide. I've experienced my fair share of not the best outfit decisions and days where I've felt totally fabulous and cozy at Disney. Needless to say, I know what works and what doesn’t.

It depends on your personal style preferences, but when you’re putting together your #OOTD, consider these seven tips. Not only will these ideas make you ready to take on whatever your Disney adventure has in store for you, but you'll probably end up with so many awesome Instagram photos you won't know which one to post.

Mickey Or Minnie Ears Are Always A Good Idea
Rachel Chapman

You can't go wrong with cute Mickey or Minnie ears for your Disney day. They instantly add a bit of magic to your ensemble. The ears you choose can also show off your personality. Go for a pair of sparkly Minnie ears if you want to glow even brighter than Cinderella's castle, or choose a baseball cap with Mickey ears that'll pair so well with fringe jeans and a casual off-the-shoulder T-shirt.

Always Check The Weather Beforehand

Be sure to check the weather before your Disney day. For a warm, sunny day, you'll want to make sure you’re not going to be too hot in long pants and a jacket. You also want to make sure you’re prepared if it starts raining. (After all, you don't want to deal with drenched clothes for the rest of the day.) This may seem like a simple tip, but checking the weather in advance can really help you prep your outfit.

Consider DisneyBounding With Clothes You Already Have

If you don’t have a lot of Disney merch at home, it's prime time to get creative and put together a DisneyBounding outfit. If you’re not familiar with DisneyBounding, it’s basically pulling inspiration from your favorite Disney characters with the clothes you already have in your closet.

For example, if you have a purple top and green shorts, you can wear them together to channel Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I DisneyBounded on Dapper Day by rocking a green dress with a red bow in my hair for a unique Peter Pan look.

It's The Ultimate Time To Rock All Your Disney Merch
Rachel Chapman

If you do have a lot of Disney merch in your closet, this is the perfect opportunity to go all out. A Disney spirit jersey is a comfortable option and can be styled many different ways. I personally love my retro Disney merch. My mom gave me one of her Mickey sweaters from the 80s, and it's now my favorite thing to wear to Disneyland when the weather is just right.

Comfy Shoes Are Key

You may be ready to take every pic with the characters you see, but if you don’t have comfy shoes, you won’t get very far. The most important accessory is your footwear. You can go with a pair of neutral sneakers, or my personal favorite, flats. I put a shoe insert in my TOMS so it gives me the arch support I need while I'm walking around the park all day long.

Bring A Cute Backpack

It's important to keep in mind your bag may make an appearance in a lot of your pics. That’s where a stylish — but useful — backpack can come in handy.

I personally love Loungefly’s sparkly Minnie backpack. It can hold a lot of your essentials, like a pair of Mickey ears, your water bottle, wallet, and an extra phone charger. Plus, you can get a backpack to match your ears as the cherry topping to your look.

A Bold Lip Color Is A Fun Addition To Your Look
Rachel Chapman

It's always a fun idea to add a bold lip color to your look. Whenever you’re about to take an Instagram pic in front of the Small World Wall or with Mickey Mouse on Main Street, you can put on a quick touchup. Get ready to say cheese.