Glossier Has A New Balm Dotcom Flavor & It Sounds Freaking Delicious

If you're one of those people who buys anything and everything Glossier, here's a spoiler alert: You're about to place yet another order. Glossier's new Berry Balm Dotcom is here, and everyone's favorite salve is serving juicy berry realness in its new delicious-smelling, purple-tinted version. Yes, I'm going to buy it, even though I feel like I literally just purchased the Mango flavor, because yes, I am one of those aforementioned people that buys everything Glossier makes. Sue me.

It was only a few months ago that the brand treated us to a brand-new flavor of their signature salve when they launched Mango Balm Dotcom back in March, but apparently, the brand thought they were more than due for another addition to the already-seven-shades-strong lineup. "Meet our newest Balm Dotcom: Berry! With a crushed dark berry flavor and a sheer, jammy tint," Glossier wrote on Instagram, and oh my gosh, how did I not see this coming? And more importantly, how have I made it this long without one of my all-time lippie faves in a berry tint?

Surprised and excited. That's how I feel:

According to a comment by Glossier on Instagram, the new flavor "smells like wildberries and homemade jam." Yum. To be clear, though, the formula doesn't include real berries:

Does Berry Balm Dotcom ($12, give you picnic betch vibes in the best way possible, or is that just me?

Retailing at $12, the same price as all seven previous flavors, Berry Balm Dotcom is currently live on the Glossier site, so be sure to snag it before it sells out. Because yes, all newly released Glossier products always sell out. It's just a thing that happens.

As per usual, Glossier stans are thrilled with the new addition to the beloved Balm Dotcom family:

And even more are coming to terms with the fact that they'll be placing yet another Glossier online order:

Considering Glossier sells their iconic Cloud Paint ($18, in deep berry shade "Haze" and berry-esque hue "Storm," it makes total sense that their other iconic product-in-a-tube would make its berry debut. Real talk, I feel like my brain just assumed a Berry Balm Dotcom already existed; it's so on brand. I can't believe I've made it through so much of summer 2019 without this flavor in my collecion, but I'm ready to rock it on a daily basis come autumn and winter, that's for sure.

But the proof is in the swatches. Berry Balm Dotcom is filling what was formerly a major hole in the Balm Dotcom shade range:


By far, this has to be one of the brand's most beautiful shades to date. What's more ~Glossier Girl~ than a fresh face, brushed-up brows, and a berry-stained, just-finished-a-popsicle pout? Nothing. Literally nothing is more Glossier than that, and for this reason, Berry Balm Dotcom is a blessing and a half. Now, excuse me while I go place my millionth order with absolutely no regrets. Sorry not sorry.