Glossier Just Launched A Brand New Balm Dotcom Flavor & It's So Necessary For Summer

Glossier is one of those rare makeup brands with a line so curated, pretty much every product is a cult favorite. That explains why there's so much hype around every single new launch of flavor — their loyal customers know their formulas are only the best, so if there's something new, it must really be the next best thing. The announcement of Glossier's new Mango Balm Dotcom has set the Internet raving once again, and the latest flavor addition to their do-it-all skin salve collection is so right for summer. Who needs piña coladas when I can slather on this lip balm? Okay, I want both, but when it's not piña colada time, this little baby will definitely do the trick.

Glossier describe their Balm Dotcom as a "hydrating, long-lasting, multipurpose lip balm and skin salve," and really, what more could you ask for? The waxy product is ultra-soothing and nourishing, and the chic little tube is a staple in the handbags of skincare enthusiasts and Instagram models alike. It can be applied to the lips, the cuticles, and pretty much anywhere else your skin could use a little softening TLC. Basically everyone has their preference when it comes to the ultimate Balm Dotcom flavor, and while I personally enjoy the Mint, there's also Original, Birthday, Rose, Cherry, and Coconut.

Oh, and Mango, of course — the brand-new flavor that literally just dropped:

Glossier didn't have to treat us to the new Mango Balm Dotcom ($12,, but they saw that we were craving a summer treat, and so they did. Bless them! The fresh, juicy flavor boasts a sheer, ever-so-slightly coral tint, too.

It even looks refreshing, doesn't it?


A fruity coral was absolutely missing from the Balm Dotcom lineup, and now it's finally here to join its skin salve brethren:

Like I said, the Balm Dotcom is a cult favorite, so it's no surprise Twitter was all aglow at the news. Some users were over the moon at the thought of adding another lip balm to their collection, while others wondered how Glossier managed to nail it every single time.

Glossier's Product Development Team is out here reading our minds, y'all:

Others couldn't believe they were about to splurge on another lip balm — but were quick to admit they just couldn't resist that magical Glossier pull:

One user even felt that she could relate to the new flavor on a personal level, and TBH, same:

On Instagram, the hype was just as major. "Consider it added to my cart," wrote one follower, another declaring, "IM SO READY WOW IM BUYING AS SOON AS I GET PAID." Love that energy!

Considering how well-loved all the other flavors are, it's safe to say Mango Balm Dotcom will be a hit:

If you want to snag a tube for yourself, you can shop it online via the Glossier site or at any of their brick and mortar locations. Personally, I'll be buying three: One for my purse, one for my beach bag, and one to keep in my hands at all times, because I never want to be without it.