This Giant Floating Cabana Is Basically Built For You & Your BFF

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Whenever I relax on my pool float in the summertime, I usually got super hot a few minutes in and go for a quick swim to cool down. If my inflatable had its own cabana, the steamy sunshine beams wouldn't be an issue. Well, it looks like FUNBOY has cracked the code when it comes to shady pool floats, because the company released a brand new raft with a built-in covering. In fact, FUNBOY's new Bali Cabana Shade Lounger is essentially a giant floating cabana fit for you and a friend. Once you find out how it works, you'll want to add it to your float collection ASAP.

Let's start with its shape. As you can see, FUNBOY's latest floating creation looks somewhat like a giant wheel. The bottom half is curved (and perfect for lounging), while the top half is connected by a mesh covering that provides shade for anyone relaxing in the summer heat. Between its oval shape and its cabana-like covering, this float looks like a great option if you're trying to relax on the water without getting sunburnt. (As someone who get sunburnt pretty easily, I'm all about it.)

But regardless of whether you're relaxing in the shade or not, sunscreen is always a good idea (especially if you decide to take a swim after floating on the raft).

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Anyway, there's much more to FUNBOY's Bali Cabana Shade Lounger than its covering. According to FUNBOY's website, the inflatable also features not one — but two — cupholders. That's perfect if you're planning on relaxing with a friend, don't you think? It also includes side ropes to help you hold onto the float, as well as handles on both sides of the raft.

Between all of those features, there's no doubt that this float is a relaxing one. However, the company urges you to secure your raft to a stationary object before hopping on. By doing so, you'll be able to relax on the water without a worry.

If you end up buying the new Bali Cabana Shade Lounger, you'll be happy to know that it'll inflate (and deflate) in a matter of "minutes," per FUNBOY. With that being said, you won't have to wait too long before putting it in the water and hopping on (after you attach it to something secure, of course).

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Before you buy it, though, you'll probably want to know about its price. According to FUNBOY's website, the Bali Cabana Shade Lounger currently costs $225. If you're hoping to share it with a friend or two, you can always split it. That'll definitely help you cut down the cost.

If you're curious about other float options, you can head to FUNBOY's website and hit "FLOATS" at the top of the screen. There, you'll see a ton of inflatable options like the six-person Rainbow Cloud Island Float, the Clear Pink Glitter Unicorn, and the Retro Palm Convertible. Whether you're shopping for yourself or your friend group, FUNBOY has a ton of selections for you to choose from. To scan them all, click here.