This Pink Glitter Unicorn Float From FUNBOY Is A Magical Ride For Pool Season

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Get ready to channel your inner unicorn this summer, thanks to a new pool accessory that'll make your dreams of riding into warmer weather on the back of the mythical creature a reality. OK, so maybe FUNBOY’s Clear Pink Glitter Unicorn Float is not exactly the same thing as a real unicorn, but I'm definitely up to try this magical alternative after seeing it. FUNBOY, aka the purveyor of trendy pool accessories, has dreamed up a glittery pink update to their classic unicorn pool float, and this 'Gram-worthy ride has your name written all over it.

ICYMI, 2019 is already shaping up to be another unicorn-centric year with wine, cookies, cocktails, and even a questionable armpit hair trend that's all inspired by the horned creature of storybook legend. With summer and pool season on the horizon, FUNBOY — the makers behind the fun pool floats you've been seeing on Instagram — has been rolling out some of their latest creations. If you're in the market for a pool float (or you just need a another one, because can you really have enough of a good thing?), I can confidently say that this new Clear Pink Glitter Unicorn Float is the stuff of millennial dreams.

On Tuesday, March 19, FUNBOY released its update on its classic Unicorn Float — You know, the one that Kylie Jenner was spotted on last summer — and I'm so here for the glittery pink makeover. Unlike the $79 rainbow unicorn float, which features big multi-colored wings and a white body, the new Clear Pink Glitter Unicorn Float boasts a see-through glittery plastic build that's been tinted with millennial pink. From the look of the pictures, the pastel pink plastic is straight up brimming with glitter (or unicorn powers) so you can expect some extra sparkle while you're relaxing poolside or snapping a selfie.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

There's no denying that you'll be greeting summer in style. In addition to nixing the wings, the new unicorn float features an improved design and base that'll make your ride more stable, per an email that the company sent Elite Daily. Inflating and deflating this summertime accessory will also only take you 2 minutes, making it a photogenic and hassle-free addition to bring to your pool parties.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

The icing on the cake is a reinforced new built-in cup holder, because how else are you supposed to hold your iced Frappuccino or a cocktail while you're soaking up the rays? Plus, this beauty costs just $69, which is $10 less than last year's model.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Here's what you can expect from your glittery ride, per the product description:

Our classic unicorn with a glittery pink remix. Translucent clear material tinted with millennial pink. Filled with glitter for a wild metallic unicorn float experience. A reconstructed base for added stability and a new cup holder. Unicorns do exist.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the unicorn float is for solo riders only (although it looks like two people can fit on the back of this magical ride, per FUNBOY's pictures), so I'd check out the brand's Rainbow Cloud Island Float if you'd prefer a floatie that can fit your entire crew. There's so many options to choose from, but with summer just a few months away, it's time to start planning exactly how you want to ride into pool season.