You & Your Crew Can Literally Float On A Cloud, Thanks To This Huge Rainbow Inflatable

Courtesy of FUNBOY

If you've ever dreamt about floating on a literal cloud with all of your friends, then today's your lucky day. FUNBOY's giant six-person Rainbow Cloud Island Float has been unveiled, and it'll help your crew relax in the sun underneath a towering inflatable rainbow (seriously). Talk about pure summer magic, am I right? Whether you use it on the beach, at the lake, or inside your pool, you'll be able to soak up the sun in total comfort.

Yes, the Rainbow Cloud Island Float is just as comfortable as it is beautiful. In fact, the entire inflatable fits six adults without a problem. That's pretty impressive, don't you think? What makes it even more impressive is that the seating space — aka the "Cloud Lounge" — is the biggest interior area featured in the company's float selection, per FUNBOY. According to an email from FUNBOY to Elite Daily, the Cloud Lounge even features a mesh ground in the center where water can enter the float.

If you end up giving the Rainbow Cloud Island Float a try and would rather not dip your toes in the water, don't fret. You can always put your feet up and lounge on the seats, because there's definitely enough room for that.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

A roomy seating area and a mesh base aren't the only features that the magical float has to offer. There's much more where those perks came from, including six built-in cup holders. Thanks to those, you won't have to worry about spilling your drinks while you're floating in the sun. Along with those cup holders comes a zipper-top cooler where you can store additional beverages. If you'd rather float without refreshments, the company suggests using the cooler to store things like a speaker or some towels. (Don't forget to throw some sunscreen in there, too.)

Now that you know about the float's seating area, cooler, and cup holders, I'll mention my favorite feature: the giant inflatable rainbow. As you can see, FUNBOY's Rainbow Cloud Island Float features a huge, arching rainbow that reaches over seven feet into the sky. Its vibrant colors are also super Insta-worthy, so don't forget to snap some pics with your crew while you're lounging.

Try not to drop your phone into the water, though, because that'd be a huge buzzkill.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

If you're hoping to buy FUNBOY's new Rainbow Cloud Island Float, you can go ahead and preorder it on the company's website right now. The float won't be shipped until March 29, which is perfect if you're trying to stock up on your floats before summer comes. FYI, the entire Rainbow Cloud Island Float costs $369 — but don't panic. If you split that cost between six friends, it'll only be about $62 each.

If you do end up buying the float, you might be wondering how you can inflate it. Thankfully, each Rainbow Cloud Island Float will come with a complimentary pump that'll fill it up in 10 minutes. It'll also come with a mesh bag that you can use to transport your deflated float.

If you end up trying the Rainbow Cloud Island Float and loving it, you can visit FUNBOY's website and explore even more inflatable options. The more floats, the better... right?