This Pool Float Shaped Like A Vintage Convertible Is Basically A Giant Floating Daybed

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Summer is right around the corner, folks, and you know what that means — more pool time. California-based company FUNBOY wants to help you maximize your time in the water this summer with a limited-edition pool float that will help you swim, tan, and relax in style. FUNBOY's Retro Palm Convertible pool float for summer 2019 is basically a giant daybed, so get ready to relax to the max.

FUNBOY's Retro Palm Convertible pool float has serious vintage car vibes. It's seafoam green color and palm leaf print is meant to resemble an old convertible and evoke the feeling of a carefree summer ride. The float, which can fit two people, is the size of a queen bed and functions as both a day bed and pool float. But it's so much more than just your standard float. The Retro Palm Convertible measures 9 feet long by 5 feet wide, and it includes reinforced dual cupholders, a massive front cooler you can use to store drinks or speakers, and a tether point to easily secure it to a doc or boat. According to FUNBOY's website, the float inflates and deflates in under two minutes, which means more time for you to relax, enjoy some drinks, and float your worries away.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

The FUNBOY Retro Palm Convertible pool float can be all yours for $119 from the FUNBOY website. People who purchase the float will become part of a family of FUNBOY users that boasts names like Kourtney Kardashian, Sarah Hyland, Taylor Swift, and RiRi.

If the Retro Palm Convertible pool float isn't quite your speed (see what I did there?), FUNBOY has a huge collection of floats that make it easy for everyone to find something they like. Recently, FUNBOY released another car-themed pool float with its Red Sports Car Float shaped exactly like a speedy '80s ride. Like the Retro Palm Convertible pool float, the Red Sports Car Float comes with two cup holders and a cooler for maximum relaxation.

And, if you thought two people was a lot to fit on a float, wait until you hear about FUNBOY's six-person Rainbow Cloud Island Float. The Cloud Island Float has a white fluffy base shaped like a perfect cloud and a massive rainbow on top for a truly magical look. It can fit around six people if you want company but is also perfect for one or two people looking to casually lounge (I swear this float is the size of my first studio apartment). The Cloud Float comes with six cup holders and a zipper-top cooler for additional drinks, a set of speakers, or towels.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

The Rainbow Cloud Island Float has a pretty hefty price tag of $369, but don't fret because FUNBOY has plenty of affordable floats too. If you're soaking in the sun on a budget, check out FUNBOY's Vintage Cali Tube Float for $39, the Rainbow Cloud Lounger for $39, and the Pink Retro Phone Float for $49.

Whether you opt for FUNBOY's new Retro Palm Convertible pool float or snag one of the company's other unique designs, one thing is certain — you're going to be the coolest (and most relaxed) person at the pool this summer.