You Can Float On An Inflatable '90s Phone This Summer For Major Poolside Nostalgia

Courtesy of FUNBOY

The '90s are calling, and they're telling you to ditch your pool rings for the FUNBOY Pink Retro Phone Float. That's right: A pool float that's shaped as your favorite childhood phone is here, so get ready for some major poolside nostalgia. Sure, you might be stocked up on swan-shaped blow-ups and unicorn floats for the season, but that doesn't mean you can't add a bright pink retro inflatable to your collection. If you're into the idea of relaxing atop a ringer from the '90s, make room in your pool and get ready to dial into the season.

First, let's get into details about the nostalgia-inducing blow-up. The product, which is officially called the Pink Retro Phone Float, can be found on FUNBOY's website. For reference, FUNBOY is the same company that sells the Clear Pink Unicorn Glitter Float, the Rainbow Cloud Island Float, the Retro Pink Convertible Float, and so many more festive summer inflatables. The Retro Pink Phone Float is the newest addition to the bunch, but you'll want it just as much as the others. Why? Because all of its features will help you relax on the water like it's the '90s all over again.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

First, let's talk about its nostalgic design and bright appearance. As you can see, the Pink Retro Phone Float features a vintage phone design complete with a dial pad, a speaker, and an antenna. If that design doesn't have you sold on the product, take its colors into consideration. Between pink, teal, and yellow, you'll be relaxing on the brightest float on the water. It's perfect for summer (and Instagram, of course).

Aside from the float's retro design and eye-catching hues, it has features that'll help you float in total comfort. According to FUNBOY's website, the 78-inch long inflatable has a headrest so you can lounge in the sun. It also comes with a cup holder, so you can float alongside your favorite beverage. Plus, the float deflates in under two minutes, which means you can quickly pack it up when you're done relaxing.

Yup. It's cute, convenient, and comfortable.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

If you're trying to get nostalgic this summer with FUNBOY's Pink Retro Phone Float, you can head to the company's website and order one. The blow-up currently costs $49, so now's your chance to treat yourself to a nostalgic summer inflatable. If you don't want to spend that much money on a pool float, you could always split the cost with your buddies.

I mean, let's be real: Your friends will probably want to try it out for themselves, anyway.

If you'd rather splurge on a pool float that'll fit all of your friends at once, then let's swing back to the Rainbow Cloud Island Float. The inflatable — which features a seven-foot tall rainbow, cup holders, a cooler, and more — has a seating area fit for six people. With that being said, you'll be able to relax on an inflatable cloud in the sunshine with all of your friends. Like the other floats I discussed, you can purchase it on FUNBOY's website.

Between retro phones, glittery unicorns, rainbows, and more, this summer is looking pretty dang magical.