Pink Convertible Pool Floats Exist Because Swans Are So Last Summer

by Collette Reitz

In an ideal world, every summer day would be spent on the beach, right? If you can't make that happen (thanks to things like jobs and responsibilities), then you definitely want to make the most of the days when you actually get to enjoy the sun and sand with your BFFs. Making sure you have the coolest pool floats is a great way to ensure the most relaxing summer day with your besties. It seems like swan floats have been all the rage ever since Taylor Swift set major #swangoals a few summers back — but it's 2018, and there are new floats to be had. Here's where to get a Retro Pink Convertible Float by FUNBOY to soak up the sun in style this summer.

Usually you have to choose between setting sail on the open water or hitting the road in the summer. Thanks to FUNBOY's new Retro Pink Convertible Float, you can actually (sorta) do both when you buy it online from their website. The latest float from the OG of the trendy pool float game isn't animal-related, like the unicorn, pegasus, and flamingo floats of summers yore. (You have FUNBOY to thank for that infamous 2015 Instagram post of Taylor Swift atop a Swan Pool Float, per The Los Angeles Times). This '50s-styled convertible pool float will make you the envy of your next pool party as you "rev up" cool summertime vibes.


This new float design is a part of FUNBOY's new SS 2018 collection that launched on Tuesday, March 20. Per an email from FUNBOY, the brand will release one new float design a week (!!!) through the end of April. First up is the Retro Pink Convertible Float. You can get your own Retro Pink Convertible Float for $128 on the FUNBOY website. While that might seem a bit expensive for a pool float at first glance, you'll totally get your money's worth because this is so much more than a regular old pool float.


Beyond the pastel pink color that will make all of your childhood Grease dreams come true (I'm assuming you're pretty much an honorary member of The Pink Ladies when you use this float), the Retro Pink Convertible Float also has some awesome features that will make any pool or beach day that much better.

First off, this is a big float — it measures in at 9 feet long by 5 feet wide (oversized pool floats seem to be having a moment right now). It's described on the FUNBOY website as a "queen sized daybed for two," so your bestie can float right next to you as you both soak up some rays during a weekend at the lake house (or wherever your summer sanctuary happens to be). If you get parched, no problem. The Retro Pink Convertible Float features two cupholders and a "massive front cooler" right there on the float, so you can keep your drinks (rosé to match your float?), speakers, and any other summer necessities close by as you relax on the water.


If you're wondering how much of a hassle it might be to inflate this Retro Pink Convertible Float (that is quickly revealing itself to be a summer must-have), you can rest easy knowing that it's super simple to get your convertible float ready for the water. According to the FUNBOY website, the float can be inflated in under two minutes using a hair dryer on the cold setting (who knew?!). I know from experience that it's possible to get a little too excited about a cool pool float that you totally forget about grabbing an electric air pump to assist with the inflation (floating on a flamingo isn't as fun once you've almost passed out from trying to inflate it with nothing but your own hot air) — so inflating a pool float with your hair dryer is the ultimate summer life hack. Of course, you can also use an electric air pump if you happen to have one on hand.

Do you still need an extra push to buy the Retro Pink Convertible Float for your best summer on the water ever? This next bit of information might be exactly what you need to hear. It turns out that your FUNBOY purchase will actually help do some good for someone else. According to FUNBOY, for every float purchased, FUNBOY donates one year of clean drinking water to someone in need in a developing country through their charity partner, RainCatcher. So you're not merely doing a little online shopping when you buy a float from FUNBOY, you're helping others, too.

OK, now that you know your purchase of a FUNBOY float is totally a win-win situation, it's time to start planning all the beach days so you can float away on your Retro Pink Convertible Float.