FUNBOY Released A New Sports Car Float That'll Make You Want To Race Into Summer

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Spring is in full swing, but I'm really looking forward to summer. More specifically, I can't wait to grab a pool float and relax in the water with a drink at hand. If you're also excited to unwind in the summertime, then you might want to check out the new FUNBOY Red Sports Car Float. Between its sleek aesthetic and much-needed features, it'll help you race into the season in total comfort. Sure, it's not the conventional swan-shaped inflatable that you know and love, but it'll add a little bit of edge to your poolside hangs.

If you're not totally sold on the Red Sports Car Float, let's talk about it in detail. I'll start with its race car appearance, because that's what makes this inflatable unlike any other. As you can see, FUNBOY's newest release is literally shaped like a sports car from the '80s, complete with four wheels and a spoiler. It even features a blue-and-white design atop its red "paint job," which will totally make it stand out amongst all of your other pool floats. Of course, the name of the car (er, I mean, inflatable) is called "Funboy," because that's what's written in cursive on the side of the float.

Who's ready to race?

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Now that you know what the Red Sports Car Float looks like, let's talk about all of its convenient features. According to FUNBOY, the car-shaped float can fit two people, so there are two cup holders built into it (one on each side of the bed). Therefore, you can call a friend and relax on the water with your favorite drinks at hand. Speaking of drinks, the throwback float also features a cooler underneath its inflatable spoiler, so you can stock up on your favorite beverages and grab one whenever you need it. (My personal favorite thing about the float is the headrest, because it looks super cozy — but I digress.)

FUNBOY's Red Sports Car Float also includes four handles for its riders (no seat belts, though), and a tether hook that'll help keep the inflatable in one place. Therefore, whether you're floating in the pool or on the lake, you can secure yourself to one location and relax in the sun.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

If I've sold you on the Red Sports Car Float, you can head to FUNBOY's website and purchase it there. According to the site, the inflatable costs $119. However, if you're planning on sharing the float with a friend, you can always split the cost and pay about $60 each. It'll be fun to relax on the water with a buddy, anyway.

If you have more than one friend that you're planning on sharing your pool floats with this summer, then you might want to check out FUNBOY's Rainbow Cloud Island Float. Unlike the Red Sports Car Float, the rainbow-themed inflatable can fit up to six adults (!!!). TBH, it's a truly magical way to accommodate all of your friends at your upcoming pool parties.

To scan more FUNBOY floats and stock up in time for summer, head to the company's website and choose your favorite ones.