The Best Friendship Advice From 'Grey's' Will Speak To Your Soul Now & Forever

While many of us look for a solid piece of advice from family and close friends, we also go to our favorite TV characters for some words of wisdom. From Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey, to Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber, Grey's Anatomy is chock-full of awesome duos who have made permanent marks on our hearts. You may think this beloved TV show is all about dramatic storylines and swooning over Jackson Avery's baby blues, but there's a ton of friendship advice from Grey's Anatomy that you can snag every week.

In my opinion, it's actually the relationships that make this show so popular. I mean, hello, it's been on for 14 seasons for a reason, and I can assure you these on-screen personalities are what keep us coming back. It's the besties like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang who call each other their "person" who really speak to you and your bestie. It's friends like Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber who are each other's work wife and work husband. We see these friendships and it gives us these seven moments of true advice we can take to heart.

You may have thought you were just watching doctors save people each week, and of course, that is true. But you're also receiving the ultimate lesson on how to be the best BFF you can be.

Apologize Like You Really Mean It
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Sadie used to be really close with Meredith, like the kind of friendship she has with Cristina, so when she saw these two friends fighting, she knew she had to step in. She dropped the solid advice to Mer that when you apologize to a friend you have to do it like you genuinely mean it. An empty apology is just words.

Always Stick Up For Your Friends
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When you see your friend going through something, even if it's their own doing, you stick by them. Meredith taught us that sometimes you need to insert yourself in your friend's business to help out, like when she asked the other doctors to let Cristina "off the hook." Cristina had consistently been her person, so she had to have her back.

Be Their Biggest Cheerleader When They're Going After Their Dreams
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A great friend should be your biggest cheerleader. They should want you to continue to succeed, and will always be there to push you to be your absolute best. No one is better at showing us this than Bailey and Webber. When Bailey struggled on her first day as Chief, Webber was there to motivate her with his awesome Webber wisdom — I'm making this a thing — and an engraved stethoscope.

Always Keep Your Promises
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DeLuca made a promise to Amelia before her surgery that he would help her with her recovery process the way she wanted. It went against Dr. Koracick's orders, but DeLuca stuck by his word. Even though it broke our hearts watching Amelia be in so much pain, we got to see DeLuca be a true friend and keep his promise. Luckily, it all worked out.

Be Sympathetic When Your Friend Is Going Through Something
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When April was upset about not being with her baby that night, Arizona could relate. She offered up some wise words that you'd want to hear from a friend who had gone through something similar. Then, she joined her despite having a hot date waiting for her. That's a true friend right there.

Dance It Out When You're Having A Bad Day
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The best advice we've ever received from Grey's Anatomy is from Meredith and Cristina when they taught us all how to dance it out. Your bestie is there to help take your mind off of everything when you need it most. She'll make you feel better when you're having a rough day, and she'll be there to celebrate when you're having a great one. Meredith and Cristina know the best method for this — and TBH it is the best method — is dancing it out. It should be a BFF requirement.