These Bailey & Richard 'Grey's' Moments Prove Having A Work BFF Is Everything

I think we can all agree that Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey are the real MVPs of Grey's Anatomy. These two have both run the hospital we have loved for over 14 seasons like champs. Not only that, but their friendship is one of a kind; it has made is laugh and happy cry so many times. Miranda Bailey is my icon, and Richard is the one who mentored her to become the incredible Chief of Surgery she is today. Watching these Bailey and Richard Grey's Anatomy moments shows just how much these two continue to make each other stronger.

Everyone knows that Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is filled with so much drama. You have to find a good support system to help you get through the curveballs these doctors deal with on the regular. That is why these six Bailey and Richard moments will forever put a smile on my face. Sure, Cristina and Meredith totally ruled when Cristina worked at the hospital, but Bailey and Richard are the power duo that I really cannot get enough of. They prove that having a work wife is literally #OfficeGoals. Now, I'm just looking for someone to help me reach Chief status and be my best friend along the way.

When Bailey Told Richard She Was Pregnant
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Two things happen in this scene that prove these two have a great working relationship. First, Richard was upset when he thought Bailey might be leaving. You'd probably also feel super crummy if you thought your work BFF was leaving you for another job.

However, in a hilarious twist, Bailey revealed she's pregnant. That's when she unleashed all of her problems to her friend, and we totally felt for her. You only feel comfortable being that honest with your BFF at work.

When Richard Showed Up At Bailey's Wedding
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This was one of those moments on Grey's Anatomy history that truly broke our hearts. Richard had just lost his wife, but still showed up at Bailey's wedding reception. We also saw a flashback of Richard and his late wife dancing at their wedding. Cue all of the tears.

When Richard Told Bailey Every Decision "Should Be A Personal One"
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When Dr. Minnick showed up, it really threw a wrench into this friendship. Bailey had to sacrifice her personal feelings for Richard for what she thought was the right choice for the hospital. Once Richard caught wind of what was happening, he swooped in to give some Webber wisdom even though he was disappointed in her.

When Richard Gave Bailey A Gift On Her First Day As Chief
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You need a work BFF who can cheer you up on your worst days. Unfortunately, Bailey's first day as Chief didn't go according to her plans. Luckily, Richard was right there to bring her spirits back up with two thoughtful gifts.

First, he gave her his stethoscope which he had engraved just for her. Then, he dropped some of that iconic Webber wisdom that we love so, so much. Honestly, Bailey is so lucky to have his advice on the regular. Can we bottle it up and have some for ourselves?

When Richard Told Bailey She Gets Her "Hand Back"
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Richard found Bailey cleaning out the microwave at the hospital, and dug deeper to find out what was really going on. Here's Bailey at another emotional AF moment, and Richard swooped in to save the day. He told her that her little boy Tucker may be growing up and let go of her hand, but that just means she gets her "hand back." Leave it to Richard Webber to pick us all up when it feels like the world is crumbling beneath our feet.