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Light That Sparkler, Because These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Fourth Of July


There are a million ways to celebrate the Fourth of July. You could plan a socially distant gathering (if your state is allowing it) for an afternoon party with family, take a dip in the pool, and end the celebration watching fireworks with someone you love. You could barbecue hamburgers or hot dogs, drink some cold beverages, and spend the day chilling out. Independence Day means something unique to every individual, but astrology never stops — not even for a national holiday. Speaking of astrology, Fourth of July 2020 will be the best for these zodiac signs — Cancer, Taurus, and Aquarius — and for them, the party won't stop either.

This year, Fourth of July is gonna be big, and I don't mean "big" like fireworks and celebrations. In fact, with how explosive the astrology slated to take place on this year's Independence Day is, you don't even need fireworks because the cosmos are bringing their own. This year, a full moon/lunar eclipse takes place on July 5 at 12:44 a.m., and since this year's Fourth of July takes place on a Saturday night, you know people will be up late enough to experience it.

In astrology, a lunar eclipse isn't just an eerie and mystical phenomenon in the sky; it's a moment of immense and often unexpected transformation. Taking place in serious, responsible, and hardworking Capricorn, this eclipse will be about how you take care of yourself and take responsibility for your actions. Although Fourth of July is a holiday you'd rather spend enjoying yourself and feeling carefree, this one in particular is about stepping up to the plate.

While this is uncharted territory, the following zodiac signs will have fun either way. Here's what you can expect if your sun or rising sign is in Cancer, Taurus, or Aquarius:


Cancer: As Always, You're The Reason For The Season

You're probably feeling exhausted, Cancer. Not only is Mercury retrograding through your first house of the self, but this Fourth of July, a lunar eclipse will create drama through your seventh house of partnerships. Not exactly one's idea of the picture-perfect night. But check this out: It's still Cancer season. Who enjoys the season of love, family, and the home more than a Cancer? There's something about Fourth of July that brings you right back to some of your favorite memories growing up. It's a holiday to spend with the people you love; a day to remember your beautiful past. You love it.

Taurus: You're In The Mood To Party And Get Your Mojo Going

Who's lighting up like a sparkler on the Fourth of July? You are, Taurus. While it may be a dramatic, intense, and downer of a lunar eclipse this evening, it takes place in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. Which means? Even if everyone else is feeling overwhelmed, you'll still be in the mood to party and get creative. Remember how much fun you used to have during these holidays when you were a kid? Spend this evening expressing yourself, tapping into your inner child, and doing whatever it is that makes you smile. It would be a waste not to.

Aquarius: You're Feeling Extra Friendly And Romantic

You're in the midst of an incredibly romantic, passionate, and exciting period. Who knows? You might even share a special kiss with someone who makes your heart skip a beat as the fireworks go off. During this year's Fourth of July, Venus — planet of love and beauty — will be in your spicy fifth house of creativity and enthusiasm. What's stopping you from texting your crush? Or dancing with with the music turned all the way up? Nothing, that's what. Fall in love with yourself, Aquarius.