For A More Fulfilling Life In College, You Need To Break Up With These 7 Things

College is more than late-night study sessions, showing your school spirit at games, and figuring out the perfect major. It really is an experience, and most importantly, the transitional period when you're testing the waters of being an adult, but still have the safety net of school right there. In order to make the most out of that tuition you're paying for, you need to focus on prioritizing. This is why, for a more fulfilling life in college, you need to say goodbye to certain things.

Some of us only get four years in college. That may seem like a lot of time when you're anxiously awaiting adulthood and work life, but it flies by, and you want to make sure you're really exploring everything this time in your life has to offer. The ultimate college experience might have you finding a major you love, making lots of new friends, falling in love, traveling, and living a pretty chill lifestyle.

In order to have the freedom to channel your best college self, you must break up with these seven things that are potentially are keeping you down. Sure, it's hard saying goodbye, but you gotta break free eventually, and lucky for you, college is the perfect excuse.

Your Typical Weekly Routine

You may have lived by a strict weekly schedule every day since Kindergarten. You'd wake up early, go to school, attend after school activities, and then head home to be with your fam. Now is the time to break routine a bit, and start living life wherever the wind may take you.

If your friends want to go on a spontaneous trip out of town, you should feel like you can say pack your bags and go without hesitation. Every day is different in college, and just like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates, "You never know what you're gonna get."

Your Fear Of Rejection In Relationships

College is a great time to spread your wings and meet new people. I know it may be difficult, but you have to break up with that fear of being rejected, and just put yourself out there. I mean, how else is your crush in Chemistry going to know how awesome you are if you don't strike a convo with them and see where it goes?

Who You Were In High School

Who you were when you graduated high school might be vastly different from who you're going to be when you graduate college. You'll go through many changes, will see much more of the world, and will learn a ton of new things. Sure, high school you is still in there somewhere, but now she's college-improved.

The People From Your Hometown Dragging You Down

You might want to remain friends with your day ones from your hometown once you go off to college. Some of them may be in your life for the long run, but there are a few hometown friends you may have to break up with. These are the ones who are still living for the drama. Say goodbye to the toxic friends, because you don't have the time or patience for them in your life.

Classes That You're Not In Love With

In college, you get to decide on your own education. Other than the few requirements for your major, you get to pick and choose classes to your liking. You don't need to stay in a class you absolutely dread waking up for. Use that grace period most colleges offer to switch it up if you're not absolutely in love with a certain class or professor.

Settling Into Your First Major Choice

When applying to college, you had to define what major you're going for, but don't feel pressured to stay with the same one if you're falling out of love with it. The beauty of college is that you can change your mind whenever.

I went into film school thinking I wanted to be in production, but quickly found out I loved writing. It happens all the time. Never settle, and keep trying new things.

Feeling FOMO When You Can't Do It All

On any given Friday night on campus, there will likely be three parties, a sports game, a dorm social, and so much more. You'll probably feel major FOMO by not being able to attend them all. Let go of that, ASAP. Instead, just focus on having the time of your life with whatever plan you decide on.