These Three Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst February, But Here's How To Deal

How in the world is it seriously February already? 2018 is messing with my head, people. I can't keep up! One minute, we were all carefully observing the super blue blood moon on Jan. 31 and then boom! February arrives with flying colors, stealing the spotlight straight from under January's feet with some astrological craziness of its own. With Venus entering Pisces on Feb. 10, Mercury entering Pisces on Feb. 17, and the transition from Aquarius season into Pisces season on Feb. 18, it's clear: water sign Pisces isn't here for a light drizzle. Instead, it plans to be flooded with confusion. To make things even more interesting, Aquarius won't be going down without a fight. On Feb. 15, we'll have an Aquarius new moon that's also a partial solar eclipse. This is an interesting concoction; Pisces will be stirring our emotions, bringing us closer, and making us a bit dreamier, while the intellectual Aquarian solar eclipse will want us to put it all into words. This could cause some serious chaos and February will be the worst month for these three signs: Taurus, Cancer, and Sagittarius. I don't mean to freak you guys out. I promise you'll come out of this much stronger.

This chaos is only exacerbated by the way solar eclipses affect us astrologically. They act as a divider for the chapters in our lives, handing us a new page to write on; a new slate to make a mess of; a new beginning. Let's see what that means for these struggling signs:

Taurus: Make It Or Break It

Taurus, you're on an upward climb in your career. More responsibilities are being entrusted with you, your hard work is bearing results, and right now, you probably aren't feeling too shabby. On Feb. 15, however, the partial solar eclipse in Aquarius will light up your 10th house of career, which means serious business — perhaps even a climactic moment. This could cause friction between you and your loved ones, you and your colleagues, and unfortunately, you and your boss. This could cause you to have to reexamine the way you conduct business.

It's going to be weird, Taurus, but you can handle this. Just detangle one mess at a time, and you'll thank all the goddesses for your grounded earth sign nature that will help you get through this. Remember that solar eclipses mean a new beginning, so this is definitely not the time to slack off (not that you ever do). This can shoot your career into the stars or blast it to smithereens.

Cancer: Bring Home The Bacon — And Save It

Money is the furthest thing from your mind right now, Cancer, but it shouldn't be. You might not necessarily be spending frivolously but you're also not thinking of longterm ways to build your wealth. That financial sluggishness might come back to bite you in the ass. The Aquarian partial solar eclipse will arrive in your 8th house, which is a complex house. It governs finance and investments but it also governs death and transformation. So, Cancer, it looks like this solar eclipse will force you to revitalize the way you handle money, lest you experience a serious blow to your bank account. Please do yourself a favor and practice some frugality before that happens.

Remember that all of this is meant to prevent further disaster, Cancer. While money will be tight this month, you'll eventually break your lazy habits that have been holding you back from prosperity.

Sagittarius: Don't Let Cupid Get To You

Normally you're the archer, Sagittarius, but this February, you might be the target. In the beginning of the month, Mercury and Jupiter will negatively affect your chart, potentially leading to conflict in your romantic relationships. You and your significant other might have trouble communicating and Valentine's Day might feel more like pulling teeth than the dreamy, passionate holiday it's supposed to be. If you're single, you might feel especially awkward around your crush, and if you don't have one, you might feel frustrated with all your romantic options in general. Regardless of your relationship status, this will be an important time for you to rethink what you truly value in a partner and in the long run, your love life will be revolutionized by the lessons you learned during this time.

Things will start to get better towards the end of the month though. Mercury and the Sun will eventually set up shop in your 4th house, which rules over the home and family. This will make you feel much more comfortable and safe in your own skin after Feb. 18, when Pisces season begins.