These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, So Give Yourself Permission To Feel Everything

You know I don't relish telling you that certain zodiac signs are in for a difficult time. My intention is never to give you a negative outlook on life or to send you into a fear-spiral. When I tell you that you might be struggling more than usual, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a bad thing. In fact, hard times are often what catapult you forward and show you what you're capable of surviving. Remember this when I say that as of February 4, 2019, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio. If you've got your sun or rising sign under any of the following, prepare for an interesting time.

On the bright side, this week isn't marked by difficult transits. In fact, Mercury — planet of logic and mental process — will be forming smooth sextiles with Mars, and Uranus, inducing the universe with a brilliant way of thinking. However, because the sun is in Aquarius and the week begins with a new moon in Aquarius, not every single zodiac sign is feeling perfectly aligned with this fixed air sign's energy. This is not to say that energy from Aquarius cannot electrify and excite the following zodiac sign's worlds. It more so means that it is sure to challenge their realities.

Cancer: You May Be Facing Your Shadow Self Right Now

Because the moon is your ruling celestial body, you're always immensely affected by its changes and shifts. With a new moon in Aquarius taking place this week, you're on the verge of a new internal beginning. The intensity of this beginning is marked by the fact that it takes place in your eighth house of death and rebirth. Chances are, you'll be feeling way more intense, emotional, and sexual than usual, and this is because you're going through a transformation.

The eighth house of death and rebirth is exactly how it sounds. You may be on the brink of something important to you coming to an end, but that's only so that something bright and new can begin to take place.

Leo: Your Relationships Are Under Immense Scrutiny

Because Aquarius is your opposite sign, its energy has the power to throw you for a loop. Containing all of what your zodiac sign lacks, a new moon in Aquarius can feel quite confronting. However, the best way to look at it is this: While you may feel out of sorts, Aquarius is a zodiac sign that can help you find completion.

This ties in to the fact that the new moon will take place in your seventh house of partnerships, setting your closest relationships off onto a new path. This may mean letting go of people who no longer serve your best interests or connections that are inhibiting your growth. Setting yourself free from constricting emotional bonds is never easy, but it will mean that better relationships are possible.

Scorpio: Your Home Life Could Be Experiencing Changes

Since you're a water sign, the sensitive and intimate energy of the fourth house of home and family isn't as daunting to you as it is to so many other zodiac signs. That being said, not even your intuitive and deeply emotional nature can be fully prepared for a new moon in your fourth house.

While this can signify a chance to redesign your living space, spend some quality time at home, or reacquaint yourself with close family and friends, it's not all so cozy. It may be time to move out of your current place, set healthy boundaries with others, and confront your childhood issues. Take it one step at a time and know that everything will work out the way it was meant to.