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If You're 1 Of These Signs, All Your Hard Work Will Pay Off The Week Of Feb. 10

There's nothing like the joy of checking your horoscope and seeing that awesome things are headed your way. Astrology is a constant cycle of challenges and rewards, and if you've been enduring one battle after another, the good news is there's always something beautiful waiting for you by the time it's over. If you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of February 10, 2020, then you get to reap the benefits of all your patience and hard work. Can I get a drum roll, please? Because if you're an Aries, Libra, or Aquarius, it's time to get your groove on.

The sun is in innovative, eccentric, and visionary Aquarius, showing you the strength behind your authenticity. There is no shame in letting the world know exactly who you are, especially during Aquarius season. Screw what's "normal," because it's far more exciting to be weird. With passionate and driven Mars entering Capricorn on Feb. 16, you are officially tapping in to your work ethic and putting in the hours to create something tangible from your passion. Mars is exalted when it's in Capricorn, meaning that it's functioning with even more power than it's accustomed to. This transit is a time to shoot for the moon and land on the moon, because Capricorn never misses a bullseye.

Even though Mars in Capricorn wants to charge forward, you may instead find yourself being pulled into the past. Mercury retrogrades in sensitive, dreamy, and spiritual Pisces by Feb 16, encouraging you to think with your heart rather than your head. However, there may still be things from your past that require your attention. A little introspection can go a long way. Luckily, Mercury retrograde is never as bad as the internet makes it sounds, so don't expect this to dull your shine.


Aries: You're Being Loved And Adored By Everyone You Meet

You're glowing, Aries. There's something so romantic, sparkling, and beautiful about your aura and it's filling you with confidence and self-love. The world is taking notice of how you light up a room, and it's bringing all sorts of new friends into your life. Your community is rallying around you and reminding you that you are never alone. Indulge in the well-deserved feeling of being totally and utterly adored. No one takes compliments better than you do, so get ready to receive your fill of them.

Libra: There May Be Romance In Your Midst, So Open Your Heart

There's no one who loves a little romance in their life more than a Libra. After all, you're ruled by Venus — planet of love — and you're always swooning over a butterfly-in-stomach-inducing love story. This week, you just might find yourself the star of the most romantic tale yet. If you're taken, enjoy creating new memories with your lover that bring you even closer. If you're single, have fun flirting with that cutie who just winked at you across the room, because they just might be "the one."

Aquarius: You're Feeling Confident And Lucky To Be You

You've got your mojo back, Aquarius. Well, the truth is, you never really lost it to begin with. You're just remembering how much power you have always had. A whole year has come and gone, and your solar return is a reminder that every single challenge forced you to grow in some way that cannot be denied. Let this give you the courage to take more risks in the year to come, because you'll never have a shot at success if you don't even muster the courage to give it a shot.