If You're Any Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, The Start Of Fall Will Be Charming

by Valerie Mesa
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Mother Nature has a series of moods. The springtime is colorful and vivacious; summer is warm and childlike; autumn is enchanting and mysterious; winter is mature and merciless. Something significant occurs at the start of each season, but these three signs will have the best fall equinox 2020: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

This year's autumnal equinox arrived on Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 9:30 a.m. ET in the Northern Hemisphere, upon the sun's shift into Venus-ruled Libra. According to, the word "equinox," which is derived from Latin, means equal night. During the equinox, the equilibrium between night and day (AKA dark and light) are nearly exact all over the world. The undeniable emphasis of equality very much coincides with the essence of harmony-seeking Libra, as it is symbolic of compromise, justice, and partnerships. Needless to say, there will always be a correlation between the physicality of the seasons and the astrological transits taking place.

Libra season kicks off at full speed. After the sun enters its Venusian territory, Mercury will shift into taboo-loving Scorpio, followed by Saturn — the taskmaster planet — stationing direct in Capricorn on Sept. 29, after four months retrograde. There will be a full moon in Aries on Oct. 1, and Pluto will station direct in Capricorn on Oct. 4. Are you ready to fall into the second half of 2020?

The first day of fall will be pretty sweet for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Here's why.

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Gemini: You're Expressing Your Affections With Confidence

Don't repress your emotions, Gemini. Autumn has arrived, which means the sun is making its grand entrance through your vivacious fifth house of love, joy, authenticity, passion, and self-expression. Everything from your love life to your creative projects will benefit from this celestial pick-me-up, and with Venus dancing through your witty communication sector, you'll get to simultaneously bask in mentally stimulating conversations, and pleasurable encounters.

Libra is a fellow air sign just like you, and there's no better feeling than being in your element. The moon will also be in adventurous Sagittarius, via your committed seventh house of partnerships, and this will likely add more emotion to your interactions with others, especially those you're in an agreement with.

Libra: You're Feeling The Vibes And You're Ready To Celebrate

Cheers to fabulous solar return, Libra. Your birthday season has officially begun, and your Venusian glow is as sparkly as ever. There's something incredibly uplifting about the sun entering your sign, and you're already basking in its radiant rays. Energizing and revitalizing, there's a celebratory synergy happening between the sun and your cosmic ruler, Venus. Are you ready to gather your troops?

Lady Venus is sashaying through your socially driven 11th house of friendships, coworkers, colleagues, and extended network. You're making quite an impression on your community, and you're just getting started. The moon in Sagittarius could also make your exchanges more emotional than usual. Soak in all the love. It's your birthday season, after all.

Aquarius: You're Ready For Your Next Coupled Adventure

You're living on the edge today, Aquarius. The sun is igniting your exotic ninth house of education, faith, foreign lands, and unknown territory, and you've got a serious case of wanderlust. The good news is Libra's planetary ruler, Venus, is dazzling your committed seventh house of relationships, so you're not going solo on this spontaneous getaway.

With the moon traveling through risk-taking Sagittarius, via your experimental 11th house of hopes, wishes, friendship groups, and sense of belonging in the world, you'll more than likely be in the mood for something unconventional. Carpe diem.