Everything You Need To Know About Your First Bikini Wax, According To An Esthetician

Summer is nearly here ladies, and that means beach days, boardwalk nights, and a free pass to practically live in your bathing suit for the next three months. Personally, I love spending my afternoons poolside, but what I loathe is having to spend my mornings meticulously shaving bikini lines to successfully mow away pubic hairs without any painful nicks. If you, too, would rather the area be spotless minus the grunt work, then you might be interested in finding out everything you need to know about your first bikini wax if you've yet to venture over to that side of the salon before.

Of course, remember that this is a matter of personal preference. Some women can get down with hair down there, wearing and flaunting their body hair proudly, and that's totally fine — more power to you. But, if you're wondering about what goes down during a bikini wax before making and committing to an actual appointment, that's understandable, too. To ease your mind a little bit, Elite Daily reached out to head esthetician and waxer for Trim and Reishi Beauty, Ewelina Luczak, to deliver all the deets on what goes on behind closed salon curtains, and the good news is, it definitely sounds more daunting than it actually is.

You Should Prep Beforehand

I don't know about you, but when I plan on shaving — be it my legs, underarms, or bikini line — it's a production that I pull out all the stops for. First, I make sure I exfoliate (my favorite scrub right now is Dove's Body Polish in Pomegranate and Shea Butter), then I run my razor under warm water, lather up my shaving cream, and slowly get to trimming for the best results.

According to Luczak, though, prepping the area prior to a bikini wax is essential, but it's also super easy and doesn't require all the bells and whistles I associate with shaving my legs. You don't have to run out and buy any special products; "just do your usual shower routine and exfoliate gently with a washcloth," she tells Elite Daily.

You also don't want to trim your pubic hair right before your appointment, Luczak warns, as doing so can "add to the intensity of pain and weaken the hair," causing more breakage and less actual removal. She recommends making sure the hairs are at least one-quarter of an inch long for best results.

You'll Have An Opportunity To Ask Questions

Maybe you're the type of person who feels totally comfortable paying a complete stranger to paint your vag with hot wax and rip off all your itty bitty public hairs without so much as a conversation regarding what's about to go down, but I'm definitely not. If you're feeling a little shy about the whole ordeal, the good news is, even if you're not comfortable speaking up initially, Luczak says first-timers are usually easy to spot.

"As experienced estheticians, we can usually tell if it is your first bikini wax," she tells Elite Daily, so it's totally fine if you have questions that need answering before anything happens down there. "We always take the time to discuss the process with our new customers and will recommend breathing techniques as well as aftercare."

It's A Team Effort

It's normal to feel self-conscious going into your first bikini wax because, after all, you're showing the most private part of your body to a stranger. Plus, if you're anything like me and even something like getting your eyebrows waxed is uncomfortable, just imagine what it's going to be like drizzling hot, sticky wax all over your most sensitive area, only to rip it off piece by piece. I think anyone would agree the entire process is at least a little daunting.

But the good news, Luczak ensures, is that your esthetician is going to keep you engaged throughout the entire procedure. "First we will ask the customer to wipe the area with a gentle cleansing wipe to remove any debris and sweat," she tells Elite Daily. From there, she says, you'll be asked to find a comfortable position before the esthetician dabs the area with oil so that the wax won't attach itself to your skin.

"We will ask you to hold your leg in varying positions to tighten the skin before applying the wax for the best results. After the waxing, we wipe the area with witch hazel and aloe vera to clean and soothe the area," Luczak explains.

It's Going To Hurt, But Not As Bad As You Think It Will

I know what you must be thinking: duh, right? Of course having someone do the honors of nixing your pubes with hot wax and strips of cloth is going to be at least a little painful.

I know myself, and even though I've never had a bikini wax, I'm convinced a decent percent of the sting of an eyebrow wax is self-inflicted on my end, coming from the anticipation of how much it could hurt. Either way, I'm telling you to expect the expected: Your first bikini wax is going to hurt, but Luczak says it may not be as bad as you think.

"Pain tolerance is very individual," she tells Elite Daily, so while your best friend might walk out of the salon with her vag throbbing, the entire process might be a breeze for you. To put the sensation into perspective, Luczak compares a bikini wax to a short, intense feeling, "similar to ripping off a bandaid." Piece of cake, right?

You Can Use Natural Remedies To Ease Irritation

Think about how your skin reacts to a thorough shave after weeks of neglect, or to a new razor. Bumps, redness, maybe even tiny speckles of blood, are all to be expected, right? Well, according to Luczak, general redness and minimal blood spotting are normal reactions to bikini waxing, too. If red bumps are raised, or turn a blueish red color, the esthetician explains, that's how you'll know the area is actually irritated.

Don't rush into the shower when you get home to relieve some of that pain, though. For the first 24 hours post-wax, it's best to stick to remedies like witch hazel and aloe, Luczak says, to make sure "open pores do not become clogged." Putting a wet towel in the fridge for a few hours before applying to the irritated area, she adds, is a good call, as well.

Hair Takes A Lot Longer To Grow Back Than If You Just Shaved

Especially during the summer when you're baring more than arms and legs, if stubble isn't your scene, then you probably find yourself spending more time shaving than you do in the ocean. Luckily, when you get a bikini wax, your hair takes a lot longer to grow back, which means less time on touch-ups.

If you're looking for actual numbers, Luczak tells Elite Daily you can expect to see hairs poking through the skin "about two to three weeks [after your first wax] depending on how quickly your hair grows." Two to three weeks sounds a hell of a lot better than every two to three days, amirite?

You Should Take It Easy The Day Of And The Day After A Wax

OK, so getting a bikini wax isn't exactly major surgery, but it might feel that way your first time around. Even if you were born with a vag of steel, and you practically hop out of the salon chair feeling good as new, Luczak warns your body will likely need a little R&R post-wax, so make sure you schedule the treatment on a day when you don't have any kind of strenuous activity planned.

"Things to avoid in the first 24 hours after waxing [include] exercise or excessive sweating, as the salt from sweat can irritate skin, hot showers, swimming, intimacy, and lotions," she tells Elite Daily. This is to ensure the skin heals properly, and that your pores don't become clogged.

Good luck out there!