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Every Zodiac Sign Has A Thanksgiving Food That Goes With It & Here's Yours

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if your family takes this holiday super seriously, you've probably already started cooking. I mean, between how complicated some of these recipes are and how many cousins you've got, there are simply way too many mouths to feed. Even if you're dreading the chaos of the occasion, you know you're salivating at the thought of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. In fact, every zodiac sign has a Thanksgiving food that captures the essence of it. There's a way to match a zodiac sign with pretty much anything. Whether you're here because you've got no clue what you should cook for Thanksgiving dinner or you're just here to see how ridiculous these pairings are, feel free to dig right in.

Between your eccentric Aquarian aunt and your competitive Aries brother, there's a whole whirlwind of cosmic clashing around the holidays. Let these Thanksgiving dishes be all the astrological proof you need.

Aries: Cornbread

An Aries gets straight to the point, and with how impatient they are, they're not in the mood to wait for dinner to arrive. Chances are, they're filling up on slices of cornbread way before the turkey's ready.

Taurus: Macaroni & Cheese

No sign in the zodiac looks forward to Thanksgiving the way a Taurus does. A Taurus is pretty much constantly hungry, and they go straight for the tastiest and most decadent food of all: macaroni and cheese. No shame in a Taurus' game.

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Gemini: Sweet Potato Casserole

A Gemini is made of a dash of sweet and a bit of tart. A sweet potato casserole captures every taste in their persona. As the contrasting flavors melt on their tongue, their moods are shifting in the process.

Cancer: Pumpkin Pie

Who's sweeter than a Cancer? Just spending time around one feels like eating a slice of pumpkin pie. On Thanksgiving, this sign is most certainly waiting for dessert, because their presence is already sugary.

Leo: Turkey

Even on Thanksgiving, a Leo can't help but steal the show. Naturally, they're waiting for the big finale, which is always the turkey. Every other dish on the table can try, but they'll always have a hard time competing with the pièce de résistance.

Virgo: Butternut Squash Soup

Virgos are organized, elegant, and clean, so what dish suits their overall effect better than butternut squash soup? When everyone else is making a greasy mess of themselves, a Virgo is delicately enjoying soup.

Libra: Cranberry Sauce

Not only are Libras adorable, they're also downright gorgeous. In all honesty, isn't cranberry sauce the prettiest dish on the table? Not only does it look like a bowl of rubies, it tastes like an autumn garden.


Scorpio: Stuffing

When you look at stuffing, you have no clue what it's gonna taste like, but you always end up loving it. Kind of like a Scorpio. They're mysterious, yes, but deep down, they're comprised of all your tastiest fantasies.

Sagittarius: Tamales

Multicultural and open-minded Sagittarius is heading straight for the exotic dishes on Thanksgiving. Even though tamales aren't the most "traditional" staple, you'd be remiss to have a dinner table without it.

Capricorn: Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

A Capricorn is concerned about maintaining tasty traditions on Thanksgiving. What's more universally adored than mashed potatoes, especially when paired with Grandma's famous gravy? It has to be Grandma's.

Aquarius: Vegetable Gratin

Edgy Aquarius is going for the most grandiose dish on Thanksgiving. They're probably even rolling out their best French accent when they mention "gratin" (even though Thanksgiving has nothing to do with France).

Pisces: Candied Yams

Is there any dish cuter than candied yams? Pisces is a total softie at heart and they can't help but swoon for all those slightly browned marshmallows that pair so well with the most Southern veggie of all.

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