What Each Zodiac Sign Secretly Thinks About Thanksgiving, According To The Cosmos

Tis' the season when treating yourself is not only permitted but also encouraged, and if you're anything like me, then you have absolutely "NO RAGRETS" overindulging on the holiday perks. Say no more, because I'm about to reveal what each zodiac sign secretly thinks about Thanksgiving. Real talk, how could anyone resist a festive all-you-can eat schmooze fest alongside your family and friends? The holidays are indeed the most wonderful time of the year, and once you get passed your annual post-Thanksgiving food coma, you're just about ready for Christmas. Need I say more?

Isn't it interesting how the holidays, and annual festivities in general, always take place during Sagittarius season? Nothing is coincidence. Our friendly neighborhood Sag is ruled by expansive Jupiter, planet of abundance, blessings, and all things in excess. Life of the party? Totally. This year, the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, will all be together in the spontaneous sign of the archer, with the exception that Mercury will be retrograde through Dec. 6. What's even better is, the moon will be in luscious Taurus until late Thanksgiving night, which means the word indulge is an understatement. Taurus sees the world through its five senses, and well, so will we. Nom nom nom.

Here's how you really feel about Thanksgiving, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: You Get Rowdy AF


You love the hustle and bustle, Aries. So much so, your family members strictly rely on you for all last-minute items on the day of. Who else has the courage and stamina to fight through the grocery aisles, in the midst of Thanksgiving traffic?

Taurus: What's Not To Love?


Thanksgiving is most definitely a mood, but it's all you, Taurus babe. Everything from the luscious holiday desserts, to the irresistible smell of turkey baking in the oven, has your name written all over it. In fact, you are the epitome of a festive dinner party.

Gemini: You Enjoy Spending Quality Time


Sharing is caring, and it's never felt so right. Thanksgiving at your house? Most definitely. You can't get enough of the holiday festivities, and you love spending time with your loved ones, especially after you've got a few drinks in!

Cancer: You Take It Very Seriously


Oh, Cancer. I know you're cooking up a storm, but don't put so much pressure on yourself. Truth is, your family can't get enough of you or your home-made gravy. So, take it easy, will you?

Leo: It's Your Favorite Holiday


You're the life of the party, and the same goes for Thanksgiving dinner. What's up your sleeve this time, Leo? Will you be gracing your family and friends with yet another performance?

Virgo: You Feel Right At Home


Thanksgiving reminds you of your favorite childhood memories, and there's nothing you love more than hanging out in your pjs, and baking holiday goodies with your loved ones, before dinnertime.

Libra: You Got More Than One Invite


What can I say? You're a sure thing, Libra. You've got places to be, and people to see. Although, what's your ETA? No cameo is worth your Thanksgiving dinner getting cold.

Scorpio: You Just Want Food


I know your family means the world to you, but not more than Thanksgiving dinner, right? It is what it is, Scorpio. You know what you want, and well, whoever wants to talk to you, will have to wait until after dinner.

Sagittarius: You Love To Party


It's always a party when you're around, and Thanksgiving is simply another reason for you to get drunk. Granted, it is your birthday season, but don't get too carried away with the selfies, and the confetti, okay?

Capricorn: Not Your Favorite Holiday


OK, so maybe Thanksgiving isn't your favorite, but that doesn't mean you have to be a grouch about it. If you're going to be a negative Nancy, then you can always work overtime, Capricorn.

Aquarius: You're Hosting Friendsgiving


There's nothing you love more than hosting your annual Friendsgiving. You bring absolutely everyone together, despite any cliques, and don't deny it, you love having front row seats to the drama.

Pisces: You're On Top Of The World


This holiday is totally your scene, Pisces. So much so, everyone at work always gives you first dibs on Thanksgiving weekend, or else. Ready for your post-turkey overload sleep marathon? Some things never change.