Emma Chamberlain Made A DRASTIC Hair Change & It Looks So Damn Good

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do blondes have more fun? Unknown, but it’s definitely true that dyeing your hair the lighter shade always comes back into style hard once summer hits. And for summer 2020, Emma Chamberlain got in on the timeless trend. In Instagram photos posted on June 22, Chamberlain showed off her new, long blonde hair. The classic style seriously makes her blue eyes pop and, if you’re wondering, is 100% approved by Paris Hilton, who commented with a heart-eyes emoji and a fire emoji.

In the photo set, Chamberlain is hanging out on a city street, rocking a white, racerback crop top, a short-sleeve denim button-up, and some vibrant red-orange pants. She edited the pics to be horizontal with chunky green and orange borders. In the first pic, she’s dancing and, in the next, sitting on the curb. Both pictures radiate tons of cool-girl energy.

It wasn’t that long ago the 19-year-old debuted another new ‘do. Back in March 2020, Chamberlain switched up her hair with a '90s-esque two-toned dye job. The top layer of her hair was dark brown, and the underlayer was blonde. But clearly, it didn’t take her long to get tired of it. In the past, she’s changed her hair up some and has mostly keeping natural shades. But her hair hasn’t been this blonde since 2017. It’s like a throwback to the old school Chamberlain.

Chamberlain has also never been shy about her previous hair dye experiences and has brought fans along from some of her more daring experiences — like trying to dye her hair on her own more than once. But given the fact her most recent DIY hair attempt ended with her hair not actually changing color, I think it’s safe to say she went to a professional for her new blonde hair.

Whether you’re nostalgic to get a glimpse of the old Chamberlain again or are happy about a change, Chamberlain’s blonde hair is definitely a fun look for the vlogger. With salons opening back up, maybe more celebrities will follow suit soon. Either way, I wonder how long it’ll be until Chamberlain attempts to take her hair into her own hands again.