Emma Chamberlain Transformed Into The "Old" Her For A Day & Twitter Has Thoughts

by Hollee Actman Becker
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I don't know what y'all were doing on Oct. 27, but if you weren't watching Emma Chamberlain's latest YouTube video, can you even call yourself a fan? Chamberlain did the most epic thing ever on Sunday night, you guys. She brought back the "old Emma Chamberlain" — the OG, iced latte-sipping vlogger who still had blonde hair, lived at home, and wore a furry teddy bear hoodie every day. The throwback transformation vid was totally unexpected and yet completely on point, and the resulting tweets about the "old Emma Chamberlain" will have you feeling some type of way.

If you're new to the universe of Emma Chamberlain, you might not know that the 18-year-old dropped out of high school, then moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles in June 2018. Ever since, some of her fans have been complaining that she's ~changed~ as she's tried to reconcile her steadily growing influence — she's got 8.5 million subscribers — with the anti-influencer vibe that made her so relatable and popular in the first place.

"One of the most common comments I get on my videos is 'We Miss the old Emma,'" Chamberlain explained in her new video. "'Emma's changed. She sucks now. Ugh, I used to like her and now she sucks. Emma Chamberlain sucks now.'"

It's a lot I know, but Chamberlain actually seems to take all the shade in stride.

"It's cool," she explained in the vid. "A lot of people miss the old me. I used to be blonde and, like, more annoying in my opinion. And a lot more sad. So that was the 'old Emma Chamberlain,' whatever that means. Now, I'm apparently very different. You know, I grew up a little bit, I moved out, I moved to L.A. In my opinion, I feel like I like myself better now, because I'm more myself than I've ever been. But, today I'm going to be turning myself into the old Emma Chamberlain. Give you guys what you really want. Because we miss the blonde, really sad Emma Chamberlain. So I'm bringing her back for the day."

Fans then got to see Chamberlain slurping her old fave drink from Philz Coffee, taking off all of her makeup — because the old Emma Chamberlain didn't wear any — scooping up a blonde wig, and hitting up Urban Outfitters to buy clothes (because the new Emma Chamberlain shops at different stores now).

The whole thing was pretty lighthearted and nostalgic. Here's the end result:

emma chamberlain on YouTube

"Did you miss me?" Chamberlain asked in her outro. "I'm back, guys."

Judging by the reaction over on Twitter, it's safe to say that many of Chamberlain's fans were down with the redux.

Check out some of these tweets:

Some of Chamberlain's subscribers were troubled by all the criticism, though, and they rolled up to social media to let the YouTuber know that they like her just the way she is now.

As for Chamberlain herself, well, she had this to say at the end of her "WE MISS THE OLD EMMA" video:

That was fun and all but I don't miss that b*tch, OK? I have to keep growing and evolving or else I'm gonna get bored with myself. I'm kind of glad I'm who I am now.

Same. Keep living your best life, girl. Old Emma, New Emma, or New-Emma-Pretending-To-Be-Old-Emma Emma — we love you all the same!