Dylan Sprouse & Barbara Palvin's Astrological Compatibility Shows A Passionate Connection
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If you think you ship Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, just wait until you get a load of Dylan Sprouse's romance with model Barbara Palvin. I think they may actually be the hottest couple in Hollywood right now. If you’re just now getting into the whole Sprouse/Palvin loop, don’t worry — it’s fairly new. They haven't shared much about their relationship, so naturally, it's time to look to the stars and get some insight on Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin's astrological compatibility, to see if this couple has what it takes to go the distance. Fingers crossed!

First thing's first, here’s what we know about Sprouse and Palvin’s romance. The pair first started making waves when Sprouse posted a picture of the two of them on Instagram hanging out together in Russia at the World Cup. The photo’s since been deleted, but screenshots of videos are still easily searchable. Since then, they have continued to be adorable, with Palvin posting photos of “my love” on Instagram — and, of course, we can't forget their super flirty antics on the red carpet at Harper’s Bazaar’s ICONS party, where, let’s just say they put the public in PDA.

Aside from what we've seen on social media and the red carpet, we don't actually know much about this couple’s relationship dynamic — which brings us back to their astrological compatibility. Sprouse was born on Aug. 4, making him a Leo, and Palvin was born on Oct. 8 under the sign of Libra. Here’s what we can guess about Sprouse and Palvin's love, based on their zodiac signs.

Where Leo and Libra really click.
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Leo and Libra are highly compatible. When air and fire meet in this pairing, the combination fans the flame of their passion, so there will be no problems in the bedroom. They share an intense attraction and desire. Leo (ever the exhibitionist) wants to be seen and admired by their partner, and Libra, who always seeks to find balance, is more than happy to take on the role of voyeur. No wonder they had so much fun on the red carpet.

Outside the bedroom, they're just as in sync. Their personalities make a good match, as they're both highly energetic, social, and just want to ring as much fun out of life as possible. When they find each other, they're thrilled to discover a willing partner and companion in one another. Taken together, both of these aspects bodes well for the future.

Where they can potentially clash.
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For these two, the biggest relationship challenge they'll have to overcome is building and maintaining trust. The problem often begins because Leo craves approval from an adoring crowd and, to get that approval, will shamelessly flirt with everyone. For Libra, who only really needs their partner’s approval, this can create one of two problems. Either Libra, feeling they should be enough for Leo, will be wounded by their partner’s desire for outside affirmation; or, being The Scales, they seek equanimity by flirting just as much. Instead of understanding, this behavior in their partner can quickly set off Leo’s controlling and possessive side, creating a cycle of retribution and resentment. However, if this couple can find a way to accept one another for who they are and avoid or break the cycle, there is still hope for the future.

Their greatest strength as a couple.
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Where trust issues are usually enough to derail just about any couple, Leo and Libra’s communication (their greatest strength) makes it possible for them to overcome and repair almost any damage caused by jealousy — if they choose to. Leo is ruled by the Sun (reason) and Libra’s ruling planet is Venus (love), so when these two come together, the result is warmth, passion, and compassion — all of which create a solid foundation for overcoming obstacles.

What does all this mean for Sprouse and Palvin? Well, all signs point to a fiery and passionate relationship that with dedication and empathy — along with those communication skills — could turn into a true, lasting love story.

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