This Awesome Black Friday Deal Gives You $5 Off Booze Delivery


Between endless amounts of food shopping, relentlessly cleaning the house, and taking the time to set up your tree, menorah, or kinara, preparing for the holidays is always quite an extensive process. One of the most pivotal parts of holiday preparation, however, is buying tons of booze. Between a selection of Christmas cocktails, wine, and winter sangria, having a wide variety of alcohol on hand is absolutely vital for a classic holiday celebration. So, if you didn't already know about Drizly's Black Friday deal, make sure you do look into it, like, ASAP. You'll get an entire $5 off of booze delivery, and I am so freakin' ready to get in on it.

If you haven't yet used booze delivery service Drizly, it's everything you never knew you needed in your life. You can have a bottle of booze delivered to your doorstep in under an hour (yes, it's true) so if you think about it, it can really come in handy... especially during the holiday season. Anyway, on Friday, Nov. 23 (aka Black Friday), you can logon to Drizly (as long as you're 21 or over), place your order, and use the code Friday5 at checkout. Then, you'll get $5 off your order. Yep, it's unreal, and honestly, it's the best Black Friday deal I've yet to see.

Although this might be the greatest news you've yet to hear today, there's a pretty major catch. Seriously, friends, brace yourselves. This glorious sale is a little more limited than I'd like. In fact, it's only available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, and Alberta Canada. So, if you don't live in any of those areas, you should probably consider moving. I know I am.


OK, I don't know about you, but an entire $5 off one-hour booze delivery is literally the Black Friday deal I've always wanted. Move over, discounted TVs, cheap kitchen appliances, and low-priced iPhones — there's a major sale on dranks at Drizly, and it's literally all I want for Christmas this year.


Once you get your hands on one (or a few) discounted bottles, make sure to check out these winter solstice cocktails, which you'll want to make and sip all winter long. Between mulled wine, prosecco sangria, and a winter daiquiri, there are so many delightful and festive options. TBH, you'll probably end up wanting to make them all.

Wine and chocolate is my favorite combo, so I'll definitely be pairing each and every drink with Reese's Trees With Pieces. I'm so ready for a holly jolly Christmas, guys. It's not even funny.

Regardless if you're planning on shopping 'till you drop on Black Friday, or if you'd rather staying home, it's definitely worth your time to log on to Drizly and use their discount code. There's nothing better than cheap booze, and with one-hour delivery, there's literally no downside. Praise Drizly, and merry sipping.