8 Winter Solstice Cocktails To Make Your Holidays Warm & Bright

If you haven't heard, it's damn cold outside for us out here in the Midwest and the North. Winter is right around the corner, and we can very obviously feel it. But that's not all bad; winter brings sweater weather (Although, we often have to bundle that up with puffy parkas.), snow, and winter activities (the winter markets, skating, and sledding). It also calls for many ways to warm up, and that includes guzzling down hot drinks. With that last one, you can go the family-friendly route with hot chocolate, or you can go the boozy path with mulled wine and spiked hot cocoa (if you're 21 and up). And these Winter Solstice cocktails are definitely the way to go.

Whether you're throwing a party or just lounging around listening to holiday tunes while wrapping gifts, it's 5 o'clock somewhere, and the holidays are the perfect excuse to drink (responsibly) for most occasions. Winter drinks come in all forms, so if you like adult eggnog, hard liquor, or good 'ole wine and prosecco, there's something this season that will suit your palette. And with how busy and stressful many of us are right now, you're going to need it. These are also perfect things to whip up and bring to all of those holiday parties you're invited to (especially if you can't cook).

Mulled Wine
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Coming in first is a wintery twist on an classic drink: wine. If you're a red wine person, this just adds a few more flavors and spices to your favorite drink. If you want to make it hot mulled wine (for the longest wintry night of the year on The Winter Solstice), stir water and sugar until the sugar dissolves, add all of these ingredients in heating it up on the stove until it boils. Then, mix it in with the wine, and BOOM! You're warm.

Fiery Liquor Cocktail on YouTube

Need something warmer than hot mulled wine? Try this one (but maybe skip the actual fire part, because it's really not for amateurs). With this mix of cognac, orange Curaçao, and Creme de Figue (fig), you're bound to be toasty warm, pyrotechnics or not.

Chocolate Milk And Honey
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A fun way to do "spiked hot cocoa" without just spiking regular hot chocolate is my utilizing the substitutes like shown above, with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur. Shown in the first recipe on this list, it also uses a honey liqueur to add something else sweet to the traditional taste.

Cuban Toffee Posset
Jamie Oliver - Drinks on YouTube

Another take on eggnog is this delicious "posset." It uses the same idea of nog, adds some stout to it, and has a ton of other yummy rum to enjoy on Christmas Eve or just when you need that extra warmth during The Winter Solstice.

Peppermint Patty Hot Chocolate
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Another way to make adult hot chocolate is to add peppermint schnapps to your beverage so that you get that incredible holiday flavor. If you love peppermint mochas, you're going to go crazy for this one. And make it your own as well! Add some whipped cream on top with some candy cane flakes (go for Soy or Rice Cream if you're lactose intolerant).

Prosecco Sangria
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Prosecco is perfect for the winter and it's something you'll gladly drink this New Year's, along with champagne. It makes for a great new sangria recipe that brings a fresh take on this favorite. By adding in apples, cranberries, and cinnamon, you get that perfect Winter Solstice beverage everyone will enjoy.

Winter Daiquiri
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Dark rum? Clementine? Maple Syrup? Yes, this is definitely the makings of a perfect winter daiquiri.

While we usually think of these kinds of drinks for the beach when made with strawberries or mangoes, add in cinnamon with the citrus, and you have a great variation for the season.

"Winter Is Coming" Snow Cone
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For any Game of Thrones fan, this chilly take on a gin and tonic is going to be your new favorite thing. With the your own "snow," this cocktail is not only epic for The Winter Solstice, but it's also great for when season eight finally hits our screens.